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EU NIS Directive - EU Network and Information Security Directive

Summary of the EU NIS Directive


XXX particularly discuss identity & access management, and the role of SSH key based access therein

History and actual text of the directive

Data points on EU NIS Directive:

  • Adopted on 17 May 2016
  • goes into effect in August 2016
  • member states have a 21+6 month period to design national programs and identify affected operators of critically important infrastructure
  • affects major providers in sectors such as finance/banking, energy, health, and utilities
  • will result in new requirements for protection of critical infrastucture and services, as well as on reporting on security incidents and breaches

Risks & Penalties for Non-Compliance

XXX discuss risks and penalties for non-compliance. These may be country-specific.

XXX media indicates that the national penalties can be very high XXX

Role of SSH Keys in Identity & Access

XXX Explain what SSH keys are and how they are relevant for controlling who can access what and important for NIS compliance.

How to Achieve Compliance

XXX discuss consultants etc who can help