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We aim to simplify secure access management and reduce the admin burden. All our solutions are designed to be easy to deploy and to speed up and automate your processes. We’ll help you maximize your returns on secure access technologies and minimize your operating costs.

Our technical services and support teams are vastly experienced with Secure Shell solutions operating on Unix, Linux, Windows and mainframe environments, authentication and certification standards, compliance and integrations with other network security systems.

Services for enterprises and agencies at scale

SSH.COM Risk Assessment

SSH.COM Risk Assessment is our non-invasive software-based service that analyzes an organization's state of SSH governance and risk.

SSH.COM Professional Services helps larger organizations run our Risk Assessment as a gateway to our Universal Key Manager solutions.

Customized solutions

We work with customers to design custom solutions to rapidly deploy, grow and maintain your Secure Shell environment.

We have an open approach to partnership and work with leading consulting firms, distributors and partners to provide subject matter expertise on SSH key management projects.


We offer SSH key management as a managed service for customers, typically in cooperation with partners.

We design comprehensive solutions for customers’ specific needs while applying best practice to ensure rapid deployment, business continuity, reliability and scalability.

Global / local support

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We are well known for being proactive, responsive and fast-acting. Our support plans meet a variety of specific business requirements across all verticals. Many of our customers with mission critical environments rely on our expert 24/7 support to guarantee operational continuity.

Service Level Agreement commitment


We offer support and maintenance advantages for operations of all shapes and sizes. We are familiar with the process requirements of governmental organizations and have worked with NIST and other bodies to develop standards. We offer all our customers options, expertise and commitment that other firms and open source developers cannot match.

Best subject matter expertise


We have an advantage as the originators of the SSH protocol. We have greater expertise in secure access management than any other company. We share this advantage with our customers. Knowledge cascades through from our founder and from veteran specialists that work with the most demanding agencies and enterprises.

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to secure their digital core

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