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Proactive support,
cost-efficient consultancy,
& effective training

Our professional services cover the whole lifecycle of solutions
from architectural design and planning to smooth deployment
and support for your day-to-day operations.

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Business-specific support

Every environment is different with its own intricacies. We can ensure you are up and running in weeks, not months or years.

Seamless integration

API-driven automation with your existing IT ecosystem: CMDB, Ticketing, Workflows, Orchestration Engines, Config Management, and DevOps Tooling

high ROI & low TCO

Our services are tailor-made to accelerate your time to value and increase the ROI.

Maximize the value
of your purchased products



Different businesses have different cybersecurity risks to manage. We can help you analyze your current situation and plan how various solutions can support your environment.

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Architecture design is critical to successful deployments. We ensure product installation is optimal for performance, high availability, and able to auto-scale on demand.

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Our technical account management team ensures that you continue to maximize the value you get from our products and support. As your business changes and projects progress, we are here to help.

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Hands-on training to equip your employees with the skills needed to work with our products and solutions, or tailor-made training to fit your needs. We can help with both.

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A portfolio of services to cover your full deployment lifecycle


Consultancy for architecture & planning

Every customer is unique – you have your own organizational structure which may contain multiple businesses and stretch across several geographies. Different businesses have different cybersecurity risks to manage, as well as a unique existing ICT landscape that impacts your needs and requirements.

Our consulting services analyze your current situation and help you plan how different solutions are best deployed to your environment.

SSH Risk Assessment service & self-service

A large SSH key estate comes with a lot of compliance requirements. We can help you determine what security risks and vulnerabilities exist due to SSH keys in your IT environment and how you can meet your specific compliance requirements.

SSH Risk Assessment


Systematic approach to deployment

SSH has a systematic, flexible approach to deployment. If you prefer our deployment team to manage the deployment for you, our solution architects will be the single point of contact for you and relevant third parties all the way.

If you would rather manage the deployment yourself or via your ICT partner, we provide on-the-spot deployment support to transfer needed competencies and for quality assurance prior to go-live.

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Operational excellence & technical account management

SSH solutions are designed so you can do day-to-day management and administration independently. However, in today’s world, the only constant is change. That’s why our experts are here to help you to respond to any changes in your business requirements or environment.

We are also available to do health and performance analysis and provide prioritized recommendations, whenever needed.

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Comprehensive training & certification

Our hands-on training offering equips your employees with the skills to work with our products and solutions. We have training courses for system administrators, architects, and where relevant, also for users. Training can be delivered remotely or on-site - your choice.

Separate training modules are available for Tectia, PrivX, Universal SSH Key Manager, and NQX.

We can also tailor training content to fit your specific needs. For example, to cover basic technologies such as the SSH protocol or Linux operating system.

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