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What is the most powerful tool to prevent cyberattacks? It’s you. Your ideas, your creativity and your knowledge play a huge role in protecting the digital world. That’s why the theme of RSA Conference 2020 is Human Element.

For us at SSH.COM that means cybersecurity tools that are easy to use and are light on your bottom line. Our lean PAM is multi-cloud-native, deploys in days and is simple to maintain. And, it’s nicely aligned with Garter’s zero standing privileges (ZSP) and just-in-time (JIT) recommendations to reduce risk. Let's talk about uncomplicated security at the event!

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March 12-13

We are proud to join the Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit, Europe's most important gathering of today's IAM leaders - and the epicentre of IAM collaboration. Book a meeting with us here!

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PrivX lights the path to Zero Standing Privileges

Gartner says: "The future of Privileged Access Management (PAM) is defined by Zero Standing Privileges (ZSP)." Read more in Gartner’s ‘Remove Standing Privileges Through a Just-in-Time PAM Approach’, courtesy of SSH.COM. 

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UKM solves critical enterprise vulnerabilities

Universal SSH Key Manager saves large enterprises from PAM bypass, audit failure and mitigates against lateral movement in cyber attacks.

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Partnership with Digital Information Technologies to mitigate PAM risk

The partnership will help enterprises mitigate the risks of privileged credential abuse and streamline operations as they move to multi-cloud environments.

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In defense of the "dumb user"

Isn't it time to stop blaming users for the shortcomings of security software? Our CTO, Markku Rossi, discusses why security solutions should be simple and intuitive to use for everyone.

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Featured article at DevOps.com

How can IT admins maintain a grip on secure access?

Cloud-driven developer teams want to access IT workloads with minimal friction. This might clash with IT admins' and CISOs' need for security and compliance. Read the DevOps.com article to learn how to keep everyone happy and productive.

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RSA 2020 San Francisco, February 24

RSA 2020 is on the horizon. Dubbed "The Human Element", it's all about your ideas, creativity and knowledge. See you there...

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Innovation in multi-cloud privileged access - how does PrivX work?

Intelligent Access Control solutions for modern enterprises

Lean, just-in-time multi-cloud PAM

PrivX lean access manager

Designed to eliminate standing privileges and streamline just-in-time secure access in hybrid multi-cloud environments, PrivX is PAM re-imagined.

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Best-in-class SSH key mgmt

Universal SSH Key Manager

UKM is the least intrusive and fastest-to-deploy comprehensive SSH key management solution on the market, used by several of the largest retailers and financial institutions in the world.

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The Gold Standard in SSH

Tectia SSH Client & Server

The leading enterprise-class SSH client/server for secure file transfer and remote access. Robust, fully tested and up to 24/7 support. Also available for mainframes.

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Certified and Quantum-Ready

NQX VPN Firewall

QuantumReady software for protecting classified data in transit according to Finnish national (FI) ST III (Confidential) security requirements.

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Global team of experts with deep subject matter expertise and vast experience of enterprise and state/federal deployments.

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