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“By 2022, 40% of privileged access activity will leverage ZSP through JIT privilege elevation, effectively eliminating standing privileges, up from just 10% today.” - Gartner

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Zero Trust access for robots with PrivX®

Find out how robotic process automation (RPA) specialists, MOST Digital, use PrivX to handle automated access to customer environments.

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Zero Trust Access Management

Light on its feet, PrivX provisions administrative access for just the duration needed – no permanent access and no passwords to handle. Quick integration with ID management systems, and no agents to install.
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Topics related to cyber security, access & identity management and much more.

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Meet SSH.COM experts in events

List of the major events we're attending in 2019. This list is regularly updated. Get in touch for meetings!
SSH.COM events

Join us at the Information Security Media Group (ISMG) Fraud & Breach Summit

December 3, 2019 | Washington, DC
Listen to our Tech Spotlight, “Eliminating Standing Privileges – The Roadmap to Zero Trust Through a Just-In-Time Cloud Model,” presented by Markku Rossi, CTO at SSH.COM.

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Meet us at Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit

Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit | December 10 – 12, 2019 | Las Vegas, NV
Listen to our talk, “Innovating Access to Critical IT Infrastructure,” presented by Markku Rossi, CTO at SSH.COM Tuesday, December 10 at 10:45.

Visit us at Booth 103. Click here to schedule a meeting with us.



In 1995 we invented
the SSH protocol.

We’ve been safeguarding the data economy ever since.
Now, we're defining the future of secure access.

What is Ephemeral Access?

From permanent credentials to ephemeral certificates. Download the white paper to learn about ephemeral certificates and credentialess access. Find out how you can streamline operations, increase business velocity and improve security.

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PrivX® case study. Zero Trust access for robots.

Robotics process automation (RPA) specialists, use PrivX to handle automated access provisioning to multiple diverse end-customer environments.

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Secure your digital transformation


Business velocity


CISOs need to scale up business while scaling down cost and risk. Growth demands digital transformation and embracing the secure cloud.

We support you to innovate and scale. We release you from the shackles of security risks that hamper growth.


Operational efficiency


Friction kills efficiency, budget and security.

We believe security is a process not a patch. We design no-footprint, intelligent, automated solutions that give you control, not costs.

Zero-credential risk

Secure access


Living security architecture needs a future with no risk from credentials and keys.

The world’s leading organizations trust our expertise. We'll help you gain visibility, take control and automate access to your digital core.


Universal SSH Key Manager® v. 2.3.0 – Mo’ Better Key Management

There are large numbers (even millions!) of unmanaged access credentials in practically every big enterprise network..
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SSH Industry Focus: Insurance Sector

Innovation and disruption are two sides of the same coin when describing the global insurance industry..
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5 ways to bypass PAM

So you have bought your expensive and extensive Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution..
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On-demand access with zero passwords

SSH.COM PrivX is the lean dynamic privileged access management solution for DevOps and cloud-scale businesses. PrivX eliminates password-related risk from server access.

No more password vaults or password rotation. No more credential theft or attacks from stolen administrator passwords or forgotten keys. Deploy 10x faster than traditional solutions. PrivX sets a new standard in timesaving usability.

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3rd party access and forensics

Secure your digital core with compliant encrypted access for vendors and 3rd parties. SSH.COM CryptoAuditor provides transparency into encrypted remote access at your dynamic perimeter. Get full control and granular forensics about what 3rd party vendors and contractors do in your network. Pass critical sessions through DLP, AV and analytics. Integrate CryptoAuditor with your SIEM system. Get full visibility with compliant reporting.

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SSH.COM Risk Assessment®

Actionable key risk analysis

Stop the guess work. Reveal the true use and scale of SSH keys and key-based authentication within your organization. Leverage our world-leading secure access technology expertise, unique scanning and reporting software, and our experience with thousands of customers.

The next step. Fast, free, comprehensive and non-invasive. Part of our Universal Key Manager process. Get persuasive actionable information and compliance audit findings for higher management.

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Universal SSH Key Manager®

Analyze, comply and automate

Meet the world’s leading solution for managing SSH keys in large and mid-sized enterprises. SSH.COM UKM is used by several of the world's top 10 banks, credit card companies, central banks, stock exchanges and industrials.

Discover, provision, manage, terminate and automate up to tens of thousands of servers and millions of SSH keys throughout their entire lifecycle. Cut key management costs and eliminate risk from unused and policy-violating keys.

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Tectia® SSH

Multi-platform SSH server and client

Enterprise-grade SSH server and client suite with up to 24/7 support for business-critical applications. Multi-platform, support for IBM z/OS mainframes, and lightning fast file transfer.

Tectia SSH is compliant with a variety of standards for server and user authentication, such as X.509 certificates and smartcards, including CAC/PIV cards for federal US users.

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5 must-have functions for every Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution

Download our special report to discover the modern PAM features you need to fully embrace the benefits of cloudification and digital transformation.
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Avoid the pitfalls of legacy PAM. Avoid the 5 PAM functions you do not need.

In this brief you'll learn about the features you should not pay for, features you don't need and features that might even be an obstacle on your journey to the cloud.
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KuppingerCole recognizes PrivX as an innovative solution for the PAM market

The new Executive View Report states that PrivX is a unique and agile alternative to standard password vaulting and session management.
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SLAM the door shut on traditional privileged access management

Did you know that something as trivial-sounding as granting access for your developers or third parties to a product development environment can throw a gorilla-sized monkey wrench into your operations and productivity?

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