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Sharing, transmitting, and storing healthcare data securely

Share healthcare and patient personal data securely. Stay compliant with industry regulations. Prevent data breaches and mitigate the risks of using unauthorized or unsecured tools. All with a single solution - SSH Zero Trust File Sharing.

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Find out how to protect your healthcare data


With the ongoing digitalization of the healthcare industry, the cyberattack surface widens. And so it's no surprise that the number of data breaches in the healthcare industry is on the rise year-on-year.

Learn how to prevent data breaches and protect your sensitive electronic health data in our white paper.


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Digitalization in healthcare is on the rise


The healthcare industry is jumping on the digitalization trend - whether on-premises or in the cloud. And sharing patient and medical data has never been easier. But digital data is a lucrative target for cybercriminals.

SSH Zero Trust File Sharing solution protects your data with robust encryption. Whether in storage or in transit. Whether shared human-to-human or between applications.






The use of healthcare-related data is regulated


Industry regulations set strict standards for digital data privacy and security. For example HITECH, HIPAA, and GDPR.

The healthcare data regulations typically talk about:

  • Electronic Health Information (EHI) 

  • Electronic Medical Information (EMI) 

  • Protected Health Information (PHI)

SSH Zero Trust File Sharing solution operates in line with industry regulations and ensures your compliance.


Holistic and consistent data control and management is a must


Many healthcare institutions face these typical problems after digitalization:

  • Unauthorized disclosure or access to sensitive health data

  • Sharing sensitive data using unauthorized tools

  • Incoherent and inconsistent ways of sharing and transmitting patient data

  • Storing medical data using unsecure services

You don't need a set of point solutions to tackle each of these problems. Our Zero Trust File Sharing solution offers centralized management for your interactive and automated data sharing in a single solution.




Secure communications and file sharing with Zero Trust


Centralize your secure communications

Handle all your interactive and automated file sharing and transmission needs consistently and coherently from a single solution.


Communicate and share sensitive data securely

Turn on government-grade security for your business collaboration internally as well externally with third parties, without the risk of data disclosure. Stay secure when sharing, signing, collaborating on, or collecting sensitive data.


Stay compliant

Demonstrate compliance and adherence to regulations with a solid audit trail of activities for any action and strong identity for every access.


Utilize auditing

Gain full visibility into your data and access with full audit trails. Always know who has access to what data and targets, with what rights, and how they access it.


Verify, control, and restrict access

Verify senders and recipients when data or documents are being shared or transmitted in a true Zero Trust fashion. Enforce strict control and policies when sensitive data is in transit or being accessed. Restrict access with role-based access control (RBAC) from read-only to editing – or just to notifications of actions.


Use a variety of authentication methods

Apply various authentication methods, including passports, bank IDs, or a range of multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods.


Utilize automation & enjoy high availability

Routinely automate file transfers for batch jobs or massive data transfers. Enjoy high availability for file sharing on demand.


Enjoy a variety of clients

Choose a client software based on your needs. Support for dedicated client software, web browser, or email client.

Protect your sensitive medical
data and communications
in a true Zero Trust fashion

Learn how in our white paper

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Choose the right solution for you

Tectia Zero Trust Premium File Sharing Server

Tectia Zero Trust Edition turns your SFTP server or a cluster of servers into a modern batch and bulk file-sharing server with advanced features, like role-based access control, full audit trails, AD/LDAP integration, and a web client interface.

Tectia Zero Trust

SSH Secure Collaboration: Secure Rooms

Secure Rooms is a secure workspace solution that allows you to store and share confidential information without limits with your internal teams as well as third-party interest groups.​

Secure Rooms

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