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Secure digital signature

Digitally sign confidential documents & verify online signatures 

With Deltagon Secure Sign, you can apply a secure electronic signature to documents or other assets. Electronically signing a document is quick and easy, and the digital signature can be verified.

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Are electronic signatures safe?


Many companies hesitate to use publicly available services when e-signing sensitive or confidential documents.

When using digital signatures, you want to:

  1. Be in control of your data. Make sure that your sensitive information is handled securely in a cloud service and that the service does not store your items - except for the signing process itself.
  2. Authenticate signees. Communicate with the signees via a secure email service and authenticate the signees' identities before they have access to your documents.
  3. Archive and verify digital signatures. Securely deliver your signed documents for archiving by using out-of-the-box APIs.

Our Deltagon Secure Sign is built with all these features in mind. We developed Secure Sign together with our customers who are organizations in heavily-regulated industries or with strict security policies.

Secure and verify digital signatures with Deltagon Secure Sign


Easy e-signing process

Sign documents electronically and securely with just a few clicks. No registration to a service or end-user accounts. Every digital signature is still tracked and can be verified.


Sign any file type

Sign any type of file. In addition to traditional PDF files, you can sign images, office documents, or even source code files. You can also sign several documents simultaneously.


Audit and track digital signatures

You can track and verify all secure digital signatures. All e-signatures are archived for easy auditing. Even without registration or user accounts for your signees.


Your documents are under your control

Deltagon Secure Sign interfaces and authentication options (Active Directory, Signicat, or SMS OTP) are highly configurable. Secure Sign can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud - either way, you have full control over your data.


Maximum security

Your digital signatures are protected with robust encryption. Flexible configuration options give you the ability to apply various authentication options and customize the Secure Sign portal for signees, so it contains only features your users require for a given purpose.


A complete security pipeline

Deltagon Secure Sign is a part of Deltagon Suite and interoperates with the included applications. For example, you can initiate an e-signing process via Secure Mail or Secure Forms, sign a document with Secure Sign, and archive the document safely in Secure Rooms.

Protect and encrypt your critical business communications & data

Access, verify, sign, receive, store and share sensitive data securely with Deltagon Suite.

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Who benefits from secure and verified digital signatures?

Our e-signing solution is targeted to fulfill the needs of:

  • Organizations in need of highly secure e-signing processes & trackable and verifiable secure digital signatures
  • Organizations with complex e-signing processes that need various levels of security and/or customization
  • Organizations that prefer on-premise deployments for business-critical systems to ensure full control over their data
  • Large organizations who need an easy-to-use solution that can be deployed and used without complicated onboarding and training

 Case studies

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