secure, encrypt and validate e-signatures

Secure, encrypt & verify confidential e-signatures 

With Deltagon Secure Sign, you can apply an electronic signature to documents or other assets quickly and securely. Signing a document is easy and the signature can be verified afterwards.

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Quick, easy and secure e-signing process for global teams

invisible security

Uncomplicated process without registering to a service

audit & track

Verify every e-signature when needed


Secure signatures with just a few clicks.


No accounts needed. Every signature still tracked.


Verify e-signatures easily

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E-signature secured and verified

Many companies hesitate to use publicly available services when e-signing sensitive or confidential documents. Our Deltagon Secure Sign solution is built for organizations with strict security policies or in heavily-regulated industries. 

Use Deltagon Secure Sign when you:

  1. do not want to worry how your sensitive information is handled in a cloud service. SSH does not store your items - except for the signing process itself.
  2. need to handle communications towards the signees with secure email and authentication options before they have access to the documents.
  3. need to deliver the signed document for archival securely by using out-of-the box APIs .

Secure and verify all signatures


Your documents, under your control

Deltagon Secure Sign interfaces and options are highly configurable. Ensure you have full control of your data with an on-premises deployment, including the validation for signed documents. No need for your business critical processes to rely on external services for security and availability.


Sign any type of file

Sign any type of file you can imagine in addition to PDF files. These could be files not typically found in traditional e-signing solutions, like images, office documents or even source code files.


Security per context

Configure the Deltagon Secure Sign portal for signees  to contain only those features your users actually require for a given purpose. 


Complete security pipeline

Deltagon Secure Sign interoperates smoothly and provides additional value with our other products. You can initiate the signing processes from your Outlook client with Secure Email, or Secure Forms product, and after the signing process is complete store confidential documents in Secure Rooms under strong encryption and granular access controls.


Who benefits from secure and verified e-signatures?

Our e-signing solution is mainly targeted to fulfil the needs of customers having high security demands for their e-services and preferring on-premise deployments for business critical systems or have a need for advanced features.

Main features

Ease of use

  • Users invited to sign using an email - with authentication if needed
  • A wide variety of languages supported
  • A signature can be requested also on site with the same terminal for several people
  • Configurable to only show the relevant options for signees
  • The look and feel is highly configurable to your brand

Authentication and Security

  • Tested and audited by trusted 3rd parties
  • Authenticated signing via Active Directory (AD), Signicat or SMS OTP
  • Control of the allowed file types, including hidden files and attachments in processes
  • Signing of any number of documents simultaneously
  • Apply process templates to determine the delivery of signed documents and signing methods
  • Several separated virtual signing environments
  • Leverage Deltagon Secure Workspace's secure encrypted vault or Deltagon Secure Email
  • In-built process management and detailed audit trail for processes
  • Validate documents in a webportal

 Case studies

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