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Tectia® SSH - Server & Client

Enterprises and governments around the world use Tectia SSH to secure their critical IT infrastructure. Tectia SSH secures remote system administration, provides encrypted file transfers, and enables secure system automation.

Tectia SSH is an enterprise-grade SSH server and client. It is used organization-wide by several of the largest banks in the world and by 40% of the Fortune 500 for their business-critical applications. Tectia SSH offers features, reliability, and support that are not available with open source solutions. Secure your infrastructure with mature, professionally maintained software supported by the best experts in Secure Shell.

Best subject matter expertise

Tectia SSH is the definitive implementation of the Secure Shell protocol, from the original inventors of the SSH protocol. Tectia SSH is standards compliant and interoperable with any standard SSH implementation.

For corporate customers that use Tectia SSH on a larger scale, SSH Communications Security offers technical support. Tectia SSH is fully compatible with Universal SSH Key Manager, CryptoAuditor, and PrivX On-Demand Access Manager.

Every release of Tectia SSH undergoes rigorous quality control and performance testing. We maintain stability and provide long-term support versions to ensure continuity in business-critical enterprise applications.

Product benefits

  • Tectia SSH is a compliance enabler - gain and remain compliant with information security requirements such as found in PCI-DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and the like.
  • Protect organization against internal and external attacks on user identities, password or login credential theft, data theft.
  • FIPS Certified cryptography fulfill the regulatory requirements set for governmental organizations.
  • Tectia SSH allows automated secure processes for remote command execution and file transfer.

Product features

Platform support

Tectia SSH Server for Windows

On Windows, Tectia SSH supports both file transfers and command line access. Command line access is very useful for remote administration of Windows servers in data centers, across firewalls, and for scripting administrative actions.

Download Tectia SSH Server Evaluation for Windows

Tectia SSH Client for Windows

The Tectia SSH client is used by many enterprises for system administration and for running legacy text-based applications.

Download Tectia SSH Client (Windows Evaluation)

Tectia SSH for Unix/Linux

The Unix/Linux version of Tectia SSH Server is available for most commercial Unix/Linux platforms, even older legacy versions. Tectia SSH provides full, standard-compliant PKI support, including support for X.509 host certificates. It supports PKI-based smartcard authentication using smartcards and security tokens (including the CAC and PIV cards).

Download Tectia SSH Server Evaluation for Unix/Linux

Tectia SSH for IBM z/OS

Tectia SSH for IBM z/OS is the only z/OS native SSH implementation on the market. It offers the corporate core systems an equal level of protection that is available to Windows, Unix, and Linux servers. Tectia SSH for Mainframes replaces unprotected legacy protocols, such as telnet and FTP.

See the Tectia SSH for z/OS page for more details.

Support and maintenance services

New versions are included in all subscription licenses and in all support contracts. Personalized e-mail and phone support is available under various support plans, including 24x7. See the support page for details.

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