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future-proof protection with tectia SSH

Take your secure
file transfer, remote
access & tunneling
to the next level

Tectia technology provides maximum security for your data
in transit
with industry-leading reliability, efficiency, and speed.
Available as Quantum-Safe, Zero Trust, or z/OS edition.

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Observe the commercial standard

Secure file transfer (SFTP) and secure remote access (SRA) from the inventors of the SSH protocol.

Ensure business continuity

24/7 support and professional services ensure that help is just one phone call away.

Get future-proof

Quantum-safe Zero Trust solution that supports all flavors of Linux, Unix, Windows, and IBM z/OS.

Choose the best Tectia SSH edition for your environment


The original Tectia SSH Client/Server


Tectia is the backbone of the Tectia technology suite with a more than 25-year-long history of securing customer environments.

Improved into a future-proof solution, Tectia is now offered as Tectia Quantum-Safe Edition or Tectia Zero Trust Edition.

Keep your long-term secrets safe

Tectia Quantum-Safe Edition

Be future-proof against Quantum attacks.

Includes all the functionalities of the original Tectia SSH Client/Server with the addition of post-quantum algorithms, platform support for Mac, and GUI for all platforms.

Tectia Quantum-Safe

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Tectia Zero Trust Edition

Easy-to-manage SSH servers with high security and transparent access.

An upgrade to the Tectia Quantum-Safe Edition, the Tectia Zero-Trust solution includes SSH servers with role-based access, the elimination of keys and passwords as well as full auditing capabilities. It is especially well suited for large deployments of SSH servers.

Tectia Zero Trust

Tectia SSH Server for IBM z/OS

Secure your mainframe file transfer with efficiency and reliability in mind. Also compatible with Tectia Quantum Edition.

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Tectia technology helps you protect your business


Meet compliance standards

Tectia supports strong encryption. It supports X.509 PKI authentication, uses FIPS 140-2 certified cryptography, and supports smartcards, including U.S. Federal Government Personal Identity Verification (PIV) and Common Access Cards (CAC).


Secure remote access

Making remote connections with Tectia is easy for technical and non-technical users alike. For example, you can assign users to groups with the option to select authentication methods or services as needed, transfer several files and entire directory structures at the same time, search files with a filter, or have multiple sessions to share the same authentication.


Transfer files faster

With Tectia SSH, you can rapidly encrypt and stream high-volume secure file transfers via SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and Secure copy protocol (SCP) command-line tools. Tectia also comes with a checkpoint/restart mechanism for transferring very large files in case of interruptions.


Secure any connection with tunneling

Encrypt and tunnel TCP connections regardless of the higher layer protocol to safely pass through untrusted networks. Forward connections through intermediate servers without exposing target server credentials to the intermediate servers with agent forwarding.


Integrate into heterogeneous environments

Tectia supported environments range from legacy to modern hybrid cloud, including all flavors of Linux, Unix, Windows, and z/OS. This makes Tectia perfect for large-scale businesses and organizations around the globe.


Protect third-party access

Tectia is fully interoperable with OpenSSH and standard SSHv2-compliant third-party implementations. You have the flexibility to stay secure with partners, subcontractors, and consultants.


Safeguard your M2M connections

When mission-critical data is in transit between machines, you need robust security around it. Tectia SSH is the perfect solution for automated file transfers.


Meet the team of experts

Tectia is developed and maintained fully in-house. We will help you succeed in large-scale deployments into multi-platform environments. 24/7 support around the globe.

Professional services

Choose the Tectia edition based on your needs

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Feature Tectia Tectia Quantum-Safe Edition Tectia Zero Trust Edition Tectia z/OS Edition
Secure remote shell (SSH)
Secure file transfer (SFTP)
Secure tunneling
Platform support (Windows/Linux/UNIX)
Platform support (Mac) -
Command-line client
GUI client (Windows)
GUI client (Linux/UNIX/Mac) -
Classical cryptography
Quantum-ready cryptography -
Centralized access management - -
Audit trails - -
Role-based access - -
Password elimination - -
Antivirus integration with ICAP - -

Zero Trust for Tectia: Encrypt, protect, and track all your connections

Learn how Tectia Zero Trust Edition protects all your interactive and machine-to-machine connections, eliminates your static credentials, and records full access logs. Read the case study.

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“Great toolset for file transfer that also non-technical personnel know how to use”

- Large European financial institution

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