Tectia® SSH Client/Server

Enterprise SSH client/server software for secure high-speed file transfer and remote access

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Robust, enterprise-class SSH from the inventors of the SSH protocol

Global customer base

Tectia SSH is used by many of the world’s largest banks, insurance companies, retailers, technology companies and government organizations to protect file transfers and access into their servers.

All major platforms are supported, including Windows, Linux, Unix, and z/OS mainframes.

Meet compliance standards

Tectia supports X.509 PKI authentication, uses FIPS 140-2 certified cryptography, and supports smartcards, including U.S. Federal Government PIV and CAC cards.

SSH.COM has over one hundred US federal customers, including the IRS, NASA and the US Army.

Fully supported

One of the key reasons that enterprises and governmental agencies choose Tectia is that it is robust, fully tested and fully supported.

Tectia is the established market leader for enterprise SSH and we have various support options available up to 24x7 premium support.

Also available for mainframes

For mainframe environments, Tectia SSH for z/OS offers seamless access to Unix System Services (USS) and Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) data sets on IBM z/OS mainframes.

Tectia enables the transition from legacy FTP and Telnet in demanding enterprises that require robust and compliant secure file transfer.

Tectia SSH is the leading enterprise-class SSH client/server

The fastest SFTP

Transfer large files up to twice as fast as OpenSSH.

With Tectia SSH, you can rapidly encrypt and stream high volume secure file transfers via SFTP and SCP command line tools.

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Expert support

Up to 24x7 premium support from the inventors of SSH.

Leverage our team’s extensive knowledge and experience to get the most out of your SSH implementation.

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X.509 authentication

Secure and compliant X.509 certificate-based authentication.

Tectia supports PKIs for user and host authentication and uses FIPS 140-2 compliant crypto libraries.

State/federal references

Flexible, multi-platform encryption and authentication

Tectia SSH Client and Server are fully interoperable with OpenSSH and standard SSHv2-compliant third-party implementations. You have the flexibility to stay secure with partners, subcontractors and in hybrid environments.

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Rich set of authentication options, including PKI X.509

In addition to standard authentication methods such as password, multi-factor and Kerberos SSO, Tectia offers X.509 certificate-based user and host authentication across all operating systems - another stand-out feature compared with OpenSSH.

X.509 certificate authentication is widely used by enterprises and government agencies for highly secure authentication. X.509 cert-based authentication is used in smart cards, such as the CAC and PIV cards used for access control by the US Federal Government.

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Global support services from the SSH specialists

Take advantage of our SSH expertize

For over two decades, SSH.COM has helped thousands of customers bring greater security to their infrastructure.

Successful SSH implementation requires specialized knowledge. Our team brings insight and best practices to help IT teams address issues, such as SSH key provisioning, lack of oversight and compliance failure.

Talk to us about SSH session monitoring, eliminating standing privileges, bulk SSH key automation, and winning your SSH audit.

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Up to 24x7 global support

Let the SSH experts help you make the most of your Tectia implementation with professional support.

  • Phone and online support

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • Software maintenance

  • Support portal with release alerts

OpenSSH just can’t give you this level of dedicated support. We can. And we do.

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Tectia vs OpenSSH - why choose enterprise-class SSH?


    Double speed SFTP - for on-prem and cloud file transfers

  • ICON businesspeople

    Global commercial support - up to 24x7 premium support

  • ICON idea

    SSH.COM is a trusted, expert vendor - our founder, Tatu Ylönen, invented the SSH protocol

  • ICON computer (search)

    Active product maintenance - dedicated resources for continuous improvement, including compatibility, feature adds and bug fixes.

  • ICON platform

    Wide platform support - single solution for Unix, Linux, Windows and z/OS

  • ICON signature

    X.509 certificate support - for host and user authentication

  • ICON authentication servers

    Flexible XML configuration - rich set of authentication options, including authentication chains for multi-homed servers

  • ICON data center connections

    For z/OS IBM mainframes - Tectia offers direct MVS dataset access and transparent FTP protection via tunneling