NQX™ quantum-safe encryptor

Quantum security for critical data in transit 

SSH NQX™ is a quantum-resilient encryption solution for transporting Ethernet and IP traffic across any network, private or public. It is certified at the Finnish NCSA for TL III (EU confidential) level as a VPN solution providing cryptographic protection for classified data. NQX solution offers protection against data leaks, breaches, misuse, and interference for data in transit in data centers, offices, and sites.

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Guide to Quantum-Safe Cryptography (QSC) for Enterprises

Start your journey toward quantum safety with an overview guide to Quantum-Safe Cryptography (QSC).

Quantum security Guide


Secured service availability

Ensuring service availability is one of the cornerstones of network security. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and similar attacks against service availability are cheap and easily available today.

NQX’s high resiliency to network attacks is based on a sophisticated adaptive flow management which allows you to stay operational even under severe attacks.


Attack footprint minimized

Operating over (untrusted) networks exposes resources used in these networks to various known and unknown attacks.

NQX minimizes complexity by implementing only the minimal number of software components to achieve robust secure and quantum-resilient network interconnections. Place complex unified network devices with a larger attack footprint inside an easy-to-manage and highly-protected environment secured by NQX.


Operations made easy

Operating a secure network can be labor-intensive. Setting up tunnels, keys, and other security parameters with a variety of tools is prone to errors. Providing a timely and consistent view of a large distributed system from various logs is hard, and a failure to do so will leave the door open for unwanted visitors.

NQX Central Manager (CM) provides an easy-to-use tool for all tasks needed for day-to-day operations. CM’s sophisticated workflow and repository functions help administrators provision well-maintained services with consistent security. 

Certified by the Finnish NCSA for the transport of classified data

The National Cyber Security Authority at the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (Traficom) has certified the SSH NQX as a cryptographic product for protecting confidential information according to Finnish national (FI) TL III security requirements.

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NQX PQC Edition: Long-term data protection for permanent secrets

Advances in Quantum Computing threaten long-term data confidentiality by allowing new attacks on key exchange and authentication. Encrypted data harvested today can be hacked when quantum computing is available.

NQX’s Quantum-Safe Cryptography (QSC) key exchange and authentication methods together with strong encryption ensure your data will stay safe over time, even after the emergence of the quantum threat.

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Protect critical and classified data-in-transit with ironclad security


Robust encryption at high speed

NQX ensures highly secure and fast data transfer over networks. Strong cryptography protects your critical data from attacks. Your data center, Wide Area Networks (WAN), or internet traffic is secured without detrimental effects on the flow of data.


Resilience against advanced DDoS threats

When protecting national, business-critical network communications, compliance and regulations (such as GDPR and NISD2) are just the beginning. With quantum-safe algorithms, you are guaranteed to secure data-in-transit even under heavy Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.


Connectivity off-the-shelf

The NQX appliance portfolio includes various models to meet requirements ranging from small remote sites to data centers. Appliances support 1G and 10G Ethernet interfaces as well as Layer 2 and Layer 3 for flexible deployment models. NQX supports simultaneously both IPv4 and IPv6 networks.


A centralized managed network improves security and availability

Create, manage, and adjust NQX nodes, security policies, and services with NQX Central Manager. The whole lifecycle of nodes and services can be managed remotely with the same security level as used for payload data transferred. Managing certifications and PSK keys remotely enhances the security and services availability as the risk of expirations or misconfigurations is mitigated.


State-of-the-art encryption ready for tomorrow's networks 

New software versions can be easily updated to NQX nodes via the central management tool. The NQX architecture allows implementing new features on currently available appliance models. New features don't require hardware upgrades.


Future-proof with Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC)

NQX PQC Edition is SW native, which makes it future-proof for future needs. The new PQC encryption and key change methods can be easily implemented in the NQX network via software upgrades. As a software native solution, currently used NQX appliances can be updated to support PQC algorithms in the future.

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What makes NQX quantum-resilient?

  • NQX uses quantum-resilient encryption and authentication algorithms
  • NQX comes with key exchange support hardening to mitigate against quantum threats
  • NQX is software-based to enable easy, fast and cost-effective future transition to post-quantum cryptography (PQC) algorithms
  • NQX is upgradeable to Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) Edition
  • The Utility data plane is protected from Quantum Threat using non-scaleable technologies
  • NQX PQC Edition is protected from the Quantum Threat using a new set of algorithms that are believed to be hard to crack for Quantum Computers

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