Quantum-ready protection for critical data in transit 

SSH.COM NQX™ is quantum-ready encryption software for transporting Ethernet and IP traffic across any network, private or public. It provides state-of-the-art cryptographic protection against data leaks, breaches, misuse and interference at Finnish TL III (EU confidential) level for data centers, offices and sites.



Fast transfers with minimal impact on the user experience


Persistent encryption down to the last byte of data


Defend against advanced DDoS threats


Ironclad security

How long does your data need to stay secret? Data in transit can be captured and rapid advancements in cryptography can compromise encryption solutions used today.

NQX's robust encryption technology and its built-in quantum-readiness ensure your data-in-transit stays protected and cannot be decrypted without authorization at the destination in the foreseeable future.


Certified by the Finnish NCSA for the transport of classified data

Decentralized government operations with branch offices and embassies inside and outside the country require uncompromising security for every file transfer. In state and federal deployments, cybersecurity solutions must use a combination of certified software and hardware.

NQX software has been certified as a cryptographic product for protecting classified information according to Finnish national (FI) confidential security requirements.


Software-defined for the utmost flexibility and affordability

NQX is a software-defined solution that can run on numerous hardware platforms, based on your application. We offer several off-the-shelf hardware configurations and can also customize a solution for your exact needs.

The software-based architecture makes upgrading the system easy and you can easily take advantage of developments in both software and hardware.

Press release

Traficom annouces NQX certification

Traficom is the National Cyber Security Authority at the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency 

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Traficom has certified the SSH NQX appliance as a cryptographic product for protecting classified information according to Finnish national (FI) TL III (Confidential) security requirements.

Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom)

Protect critical and classified data-in-transit with ironclad security


Robust encryption at high speed

Your data is secure between data centers, and on transport networks, like WAN (Wide Area Network) and the Internet, without detrimental effects to either the payload or control data.


Persistent encryption down to the last byte

With NQX rule-based forwarding, every data packet can be forced to use the selected output interface and next-hop address, overruling normal routing. This ensures secure data routing that meets your strict security policies and regulatory mandates.


Defend against advanced DDoS threats

When protecting national business-critical network communications, compliance and regulations (such as GDPR and NISD2) are just the beginning. With quantum-ready algorithms, you are guaranteed to secure data-in-transit even under heavy Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.


Connectivity off-the-shelf

The NQX appliance portfolio includes various models to meet requirements ranging from small remote sites to data centers. A robust desktop model allows flexible deployment in even the harshest environments. The rack-mountable appliance can deliver tens of Gigabits of bandwidth of encrypted data with minimal latency.


Centralized control and high availability

Manage, create and adjust security policies and VPN connections with a centrally-managed and browser-based UI. Forget managing large amounts of parameters and replace with  simple workflow tools. Improve efficiency while mitigating the risk of human error and misconfiguration.


State-of-the-art encryption ready for tomorrow's networks 

New software versions can be easily updated to NQX nodes via the central management tool. The NQX architecture allows implementing new features on currently available appliance models. New features don't require hardware upgrades.


What makes NQX quantum-ready?

  • NQX uses quantum-resilient encryption and authentication algorithms
  • NQX comes with key exchange support hardening to mitigate against quantum threats
  • NQX is software-based to enable easy, fast and cost-effective future transition to post-quantum algorithms

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