Protect Operational Technology (OT) and M2M connections

The need for secure automated file transfers and secure access to production sites has rapidly increased over the last few years. Learn how we can help with OT and M2M security.


Protect Operational Technology (OT) with Zero Trust and Just-in-Time Access

Maintenance and service engineers, as well as consultants, access industrial control systems (ICS) and production sites remotely from all over the world. Some of their typical tasks include:

  • software upgrades
  • scheduled maintenance
  • remote systems management
  • running diagnostics on programmable logic controllers (PLC)

Validating each access every time it is made and granting authorization just at the time of establishing the connection aligns well with modern security frameworks. Learn more about why the manufacturing industry should get serious about Zero Trust and Just-in-Time access here.

OT security must be robust, leave a solid audit trail and involve only the least privileged access for the task at hand. Such tasks must also be completed without leaving behind access credentials that could be exploited.

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M2M security for critical connections

Automated server-to-server and application-to-application connections are increasingly common in large enterprises. The vast majority of them are run using Secure Shell. In fact, 80% of SSH-based connections are non-interactive.

M2M security is vital in regulated industries that have significant SSH Key-based M2M environments that they need to manage. 

Making sure that these critical connections meet with the latest security standards and are under control is important for any heavily-regulated enterprise that faces IT audits and strict compliance requirements.

Control SSH M2M connections with Universal SSH Key Manager >>>

For modern, cloud-driven environments, we also offer an alternative approach. With PrivX, you can secure your M2M connections while ensuring the credentials needed to directly access the target host stay hidden from the automated sessions.

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Our portfolio

Lean PAM


PrivX is the next-generation Privileged Access Management solution featuring unparalleled ease-of-use, cost-efficiency and automation.

PrivX is perfect for securing, managing and tracking superuser and power user access in the hybrid cloud.




Universal SSH Key Manager™ is the leading full lifecycle SSH Key management solution trusted by many of the world's largest enterprises.

UKM manages and automates the lifecycle of millions of digital keys for risk mitigation and audit success.




NQX is an ultra-secure quantum-ready encryption solution for transporting Ethernet and IP traffic across any network, private or public.

Software-based NQX feature matchless performance and security using cost-effective off-the-shelf hardware.




Tectia is the gold standard in secure remote access and file transfers featuring industry-leading security, efficiency, and speed.

Tectia is available for all major operating systems, including Windows, Unix, Linux and z/OS.