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Secure Messaging

Encrypted instant messaging

Secure calling and messaging with end-to-end encryption 

Secure Messaging is a super secure application for real-time communications over encrypted chats, audio and video calls. Build your own authorized channels for compliance and record-keeping.

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Control and audit your instant messaging

Secure Messaging gives you complete control over your instant communications.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) fined Wall Street companies for pervasive and longstanding off-channel business communications over platforms like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Signal. The fines exceeded $4 billion.

Meet your record-keeping requirements by building authorized channels for sensitive communications with Secure Messaging.

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Fully encrypted instant communications with Secure Messaging


Real-time collaboration

Communicate within and outside your organization in real time over chat as well as audio and video calls.

Invite and connect with third-party organizations, regardless of the communication tool(s) they use. Keep your sensitive data secure even when communicating externally.


Secure by default

Protect your instant direct messages and group chats with end-to-end encryption (Olm and Megolm).


Full control over your data

Secure Messaging can be flexibly deployed in the cloud or on-premises, depending on your organization's data sovereignty needs and industry regulations.

Using a self-hosted server, you maintain full control over all messages and shared files.


Verify, audit, comply

Identify sender/recipient. Ensure maximum security with full audit trails, and various reporting options. Gain control over the encryption keys used in communications.



Interoperability and integration

Secure Messaging integrates with various bots and widgets, like Gitlab, Jira, or YouTube.


User-friendly experience

Secure Messaging looks, feels, and works like any other messaging app. No extensive training for users is needed.

It has all the features you might need - file sharing, polls, stickers, emojis, voice messages, and more.

Using unauthorized channels will cost your business in fines and reputation


1. Using private messaging apps and unauthorized communication channels that aren't secure, tracked, and auditable leads to non-compliance and massive fines.

Read about Wall Street financial institutions that got fined over 2 billion dollars >>>


2. Well-known business communication tools are targeted and breached more and more often. Companies like Microsoft or Slack have in recent years experienced an increased number of cyberattacks.



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Protect and encrypt your sensitive
business communications & data

Access, verify, sign, receive, store, and share sensitive data securely with SSH with Secure Collaboration 2024.

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Who benefits from encrypted secure messaging?


All organizations that regularly use business communication and collaboration tools to work with their partners, customers, and employees. Especially if you're sharing business-sensitive and confidential information in your conversations and calls.

Our customers typically protect the following types of highly confidential and sensitive information: 

  • Financial information
  • Recruitment & HR information
  • Business development data
  • Product development data
  • Customer information
  • Marketing strategies
  • Service requests
  • Offers & pricing information
  • Confidential project files
  • User credentials and/or passwords

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