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Risk Assessment-Quantification-Mitigation

Assess, quantify and mitigate your cyber Risks 

Optimize your cybersecurity performance and effectiveness

Discover blindspots and understand risks threatening your organization. Take action with a comprehensive risk mitigation plan and recommendations.

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Gain visibility into your organization's entire environment and attack surface vulnerabilities.

impact analysis

Analyze the risks while considering attack vectors, business impact, mitigation costs, and more.


Mitigate the risks that threaten your business with expert recommendations and plans.

Discover attack routes and understand their financial impact 

If you don't have full visibility into your organization's environment, attack surface, and security vulnerabilities - your business is in danger.

To fully protect your business from security risks, we at SSH offer Hyver's (by CyeSec) cybersecurity optimization platform as part of our portfolio. It provides a fact-based approach to organizational cyber-defense, managing business risks, and optimizing cybersecurity investments.

With Hyver, you:

Gain visibility into attack routes

A comprehensive security assessment that covers your entire organization's ecosystem. It includes:

  • An overview of threat sources, including the internet perimeter, insider threats, and the supply chain.
  • A custom assessment of your organization's infrastructure that reveals vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and security attack vectors.
  • Real-time threat intelligence and expert support.

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Quantify cyber risks

A thorough analysis of technical and business risks.

  • Quantifies each security risk with asset value, vulnerability severity, and threat actor activity in mind.
  • Translates technical risks into business risks.
  • Helps with tracking, reporting, benchmarking, and optimization of security effectiveness.

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Optimize risk mitigation

An action plan that considers the potential business impact, threat severity, and mitigation costs.

  • Evaluates the business impact based on threat probability, threat severity, and mitigation costs.
  • Provides actionable steps with the highest business impact in mind.
  • A plan to improve your organization's security by optimizing cybersecurity resources and remediation efforts.Screenshot 2022-05-06 at 14.54.39












Maximize your cybersecurity resilience with Hyver

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Discover SSH policy violations
and mitigate SSH risks

Just like passwords, SSH keys are critical access credentials. They are also easy to create but hard to manage. This leads to thousands of SSH keys being scattered all over your IT environment without a clear overview of who has access to what.

Rogue SSH keys massively increase your attack surface and the number of compliance violations. The result is an increased risk of PAM bypass, access violations, and failed IT audits.

Determine what security risks and vulnerabilities exist due to SSH keys in your IT environment and plan how you can meet your specific compliance requirements.

SSH Risk Assessment Service

After scanning your environment, our experts provide you with a detailed custom report that:

  1. Discovers SSH keys in your network.
  2. Identifies privileged access management (PAM) bypass.
  3. Identifies vulnerable SSH keys that are in violation of policies and regulations.
  4. Collects relevant information to help you gain SSH compliance and pass your IT audits.

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SSHerlock Discover & Audit Self-service

SHHerlock is an SSH key and post-quantum resilience discovery and audit self-service.

With SSHerlock you can scan your entire SSH key estate or just a few selected servers - anytime, for free.

The SSHerlock self-service helps you:

  1. Gain visibility into your SSH key estate within minutes.
  2. Discover policy and compliance violations.
  3. Identify violations of SSH connections crossing production/non-production boundaries.
  4. Prepare for IT audits by providing recommendations for remediation of violations.

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Regain full control of your SSH keys
with Universal SSH Key Manager

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Our risk assessment portfolio


Cybersecurity Optimization Platform Hyver

Analyze your entire attack surface and assess security vulnerabilities. Optimize your cybersecurity resilience to the maximum.

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SSH Risk Assessment Service

Determine SSH key security risks and vulnerabilities and get expert recommendations on how you can meet your specific compliance requirement.

Learn about SSH Risk Assessment

SSHerlock Discover & Audit Self-service

Gain visibility into your SSH key estate and discover policy violations within minutes.

Get Free SSHerlock Tool