zero trust suite

Escape the madness
of passwords & keys

Keyless. Passwordless. Frictionless. Manage secrets and
shared credentials like a dance with SSH's Just-in-Time
Zero Trust Suite.

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zero trust suite

Escape the madness
of passwords & keys

Keyless. Passwordless. Frictionless. Manage secrets and
shared credentials like a dance with SSH's Just-in-Time
Zero Trust Suite.

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Are you still rotating passwords?

80% of data breaches start with misuse of privileged credentials, including shared credentials.

We can disarm the risk of always-on privileged credentials without the pain of rotating and vaulting them with Zero Trust Suite.


Are you managing
all of your credentials?

85% of IT professionals share account credentials, including encryption keys. Traditional security controls like Privileged Access Management (PAM) tools can’t handle them even though they promise to.

We can help you control passwords AND keys from one centralized, unique, and unified solution.

Is your access and secrets management solution a money drain?

Even when vaulted and managed, large numbers of passwords and keys can shoot your environment's complexity and costs through the roof.

We can streamline, clean up, lean up, and radically reduce the costs of managing access in your environment.

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Stop managing passwords like in the old times.
Go passwordless.

A customer was rotating 12,000 passwords an hour. 184,000,000 passwords a year. This is why we help companies go passwordless.

Learn how the passwordless (and keyless) approach works in our white paper.

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All credentials. Any target. One elegant Zero Trust Suite.


Stop security control bypass

Achieve access closing by managing all your secrets, including passwords, keys, and tokens, from a single solution. Stop security control bypass (like PAM bypass) with unauthorized encryption keys and shared credentials.


Prevent misuse of shared credentials

Shared accounts and encryption keys don't have identities. With the keyless and passwordless approach, access secrets are hidden from the user from end to end, but you always know who has access.


On-demand access, auto-revocation

Provide just enough access (JEA) just-in-time (JIT) to the right target for the right duration to the right identity. Prevent always-on, too broad, or unauthorized access by making all access temporary by default and access revocation automatic. Vault only when needed.


Save on costs

Our passwordless and keyless approach leaves no credentials behind to be managed, rotated, or vaulted. What doesn’t exist, cannot be stolen or shared, nor it needs to be managed. Reduce costs and save your nerves by radically reducing complexity and simplifying processes.


Protect human and machine connections

Identify and manage access to human-to-machine, machine-to-machine, and application-to-application connections alike. Manage also machine-generated credentials.


Minimize changes

Permanent passwords and keys are not only a risk, but they also clutter up your environment, even when under management. With a keyless and passwordless approach, you minimize the changes to the environment, bringing it closer to an immutable infrastructure. 


Secure IT or OT, both are
our cup of tea

With our Zero Trust Suite, you can speed up and automate access provisioning and removal with single-sign-on (SSO) from a single solution to all resources in IT as well as OT (operational technology).

Migrate to credential-less access to reduce management costs and effort.​

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How does it work?

Our Zero Trust Suite is all-encompassing password, key, and access management - all packed into a powerful solution that helps you manage and vault your credentials securely when you need to. But you are better off without them and better off starting your journey towards Zero Trust passwordless and keyless access.

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1_roundPerimeter security

VPNs ​
Firewalls ​
Network segmenting and monitoring​
Key vaults​
Primarily on-prem

2_roundHybrid cloud

On-premises and cloud​
Vaults and keyless​
Password rotation and passwordless
Firewalls/VPNs and Zero Trust

3_roundZero Trust

Cloud native and supports hybrid environments ​
Keyless + passwordless​
Automated + immutable
Just-in-time (JIT) access + Just enough access (JEA)
Role based access control (RBAC)

Our Zero Trust Suite product portfolio

SSH Zero Trust Enterprise Key Management

Start your migration to the future of Secure Shell connections without SSH keys in large and heavily regulated enterprise environments. 

More about SSH Zero Trust>>>

PrivX Zero Trust Privileged Access Management

Easy, automated, and cost-efficient way to manage access to critical data in the hybrid cloud, DevOps repositories, network devices, databases, or industrial target systems. 

More about PrivX Zero Trust>>>

Tectia Zero Trust Secure Remote Access

Just-in-time, enterprise-grade secure remote access & file transmissions to servers and between servers - without leaving SSH keys behind. 

More about Tectia Zero Trust>>>


the modern way of managing break-glass access

Get the white paper: Break-glass access management

Learn how to manage break-glass access in a modern way. In case of PAM tool failure or downtime, your break-glass accounts are unavailable. Not with our Zero Trust Suite.

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