minimize the number of keys and credentials to manage

Just-in-time Zero Trust solutions

For zero friction key, secrets and access management

Zero Trust Key Management

Zero Standing privileges

No leave-behind secrets for users or machines

Zero Friction

Automated and operationally efficient access to the right target

Zero Trust

Access always verified, tracked and audited


Just-in-time (JIT) and just enough access (JEA) without always-on authorization. Risky secrets always removed from your environment. Encrypted connections.


Machine and human IDs always synced with the right roles with least privilege. Less keys and secrets to manage with JIT access. Radical reduction of manual tasks.


Auditing and logging of all verified sessions to all targets in the hybrid IT. Single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for added security.

Why Zero Trust access management?

The Zero Trust cybersecurity framework that advocates the principle of ‘Never trust, always verify’ shifts the focus of cybersecurity from static, network-focused perimeters to dynamic users, assets, and resources. Privileged credentials, access secrets and encryption keys are at the core of the Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)


share account credentials with others out of convenience, even though most (70%) understand the risks of doing so. Learn more in the VansonBourne study.


the proportion of data breaches starting with misuse of privileged credentials according to Forrester Wave.


The proportion of all SSH access that is machine-to-machine (M2M).

We believe the best way of aligning access and secrets management to Zero Trust is not to manage secrets: it’s to remove the burden of having to manage them in the first place. Gartner calls this Zero Standing Privileges with Just-in-Time access. We call it the future of access without passwords, credentials or keys.



Zero Trust for data in motion

When your data is in motion, ensure that your interactive and automated connections and file transfers are secure and encrypted but always tracked and identified. This includes remote users and assets in the hybrid that locate outside an enterprise-owned network boundaries.

Zero Trust for data in use

When your critical data is in use in industrial and enterprise infrastructure, know who has access to it, when, why and with what rights – including machine identities and 3rd parties. Set up trackable workflows for access.

Zero Trust for data at rest

When your impactful data is at rest, make it safe from internal and external risks and shielded from unauthorized access. Handle secrets ranging from passwords, credentials, encryption keys (SSH keys), tokens, certificates to pieces of code. Minimize the number of secrets you need to manage for zero friction operations.

Our Zero Trust portfolio


Zero Trust Universal SSH Key Manager

Start your migration to the future of Secure Shell connections without SSH keys in large and heavily regulated enterprise environments. 

More about UKM Zero Trust>>>


Tectia Zero Trust Secure File Transfer

Just-in-time and enterprise-grade secure remote access & file transmissions. 

More about Tectia Zero Trust>>>



PrivX Zero Trust Privileged Access Management

Easy, automated and cost-efficient way to manage access to critical data in the hybrid cloud, DevOps repositories, network devices, databases or industrial target systems. 

More about PrivX Zero Trust>>>

Eliminate keys, reduce complexity audit all access

Zero Trust Universal SSH Key Manager 


Discover and take control of your encryption keys

Discover all your SSH keys, regardless of their flavor, including Open SSH keys or commercial ones like Tectia keys. Zero Trust SSH Key Management is your single source of truth of your entire key access estate.


Gain full visibility and audit all SSH access

Tie all access back to a known user or machine identity with proper tracking, audit trail and role-based access controls (RBAC). Apply single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for added security.


Reduce the risk of keys and credentials in automated connections

80% of all SSH is access is automated. Reduce the number of static credentials and keys needed for M2M SSH server access by eliminating them (Authorized Keys) from servers. Minimize your attack surface, the number of policy violating keys or non-compliant keys in your environment.


Eliminate private SSH keys and shared keys in interactive access

Ensure that there are no private keys to share, lose or misuse for your superusers, admins or third parties. Your internal and external privileged users log in without handling or seeing any secrets.


Enjoy zero touch and immutable SSH access governance

Ensure your users only get the least privilege and just enough access (JEA) to get the job done without making changes to the SSH configuration files. Onboard machine connections to Zero Trust access models without touching the application code. Make your infrastructure immutable.


Boost your operations with zero complexity

Radically reduce the number of keys you need to rotate, delete, vault, upgrade and manage. Stay automatically in sync with dynamic and elastic multi-cloud environments with less overhead.


Migration of standing privileges provided by
SSH keys to ephemeral Just in-Time access.

the natively zero trust Pam

PrivX Zero Trust Privileged Access Management

Easy, automated and cost-efficient way to manage access to critical data in the hybrid cloud, DevOps repositories, network devices, databases or industrial target systems.

PrivX was purpose-built to be a cloud-native, on-prem friendly and passwordless access solution from the beginning. Its patented ephemeral certificate technology has ensured that Zero Trust and Just-in-time access has always been built-in inside PrivX.

Learn how you can enjoy cloud-grade scalability, deployment times measured in days and unparallel ease of maintenance and use in privileged access management.

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Just-in-time enterprise-grade secure remote access & file transmissions

Tectia Zero Trust Secure File Transfer

Tectia is the proven market leader that combines enterprise-grade reliability, high performance and 24/7 support for secure remote access and encrypted file transfers. Tectia Zero Trust offers the same robust security and a high level of performance of Tectia while eliminating the need to manage keys in connections.

The x.509 certificate based authentication ensures that all your critical sessions are brought under role-based access controls (RBAC), leave a solid audit trail and are established without leave-behind keys.

Learn more about the gold-standard in secure file transfer.

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the future of ssh access

Zero Trust Digital Key Management White Paper

The future of Secure Shell (SSH) access is frictionless and keyless! No leave-behind credentials. No complex management solutions. All Zero Trust and just-in-time aligned. Fill in the form to download the document to learn more in this White Paper by SSH.COM >>>



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