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Partnership Yields Next-Generation Key and Certificate Management Solution:

SSH Communications Security Partners with AppViewX for Certificate Management

April 16, 2018 – SSH Communications Security today announced its partnership with AppViewX, a global leader in the management, automation and orchestration of network infrastructure services in multi-cloud data centers. Leveraging AppViewX’s CERT+ product, the strategic technology partnership brings customers a comprehensive key and certificate management solution for on-premises, cloud and network devices.

Bundling CERT+ with SSH’s industry-leading Universal SSH Key Manager (UKM) product allows customers to manage the cornerstones of secure access to critical assets: cryptographic keys and digital certificates.

  • UKM is the leading SSH key management solution on the market: With UKM, customers gain and retain full control of trusted access provisioning, significantly reducing the threat surface. The unique non-intrusive deployment model of UKM requires minimal changes to existing infrastructure and provides the lowest total cost of ownership for SSH key management – from the company that invented the SSH protocol.
  • CERT+ adds digital certification process automation to SSH’s platform: CERT+ automates the discovery, issuing, expiration alerts, renewal, provisioning and revoking of digital certificates. In addition, the partnership strengthens multiple layers of security in both dynamic identification and secure access.
  • The bundling of UKM and CERT+ is based on customer demand: Existing solutions are too cumbersome and expensive. Bloated vendors have become unresponsive. The combination of UKM and CERT+ delivers a best-of-breed solution, thereby protecting organizations from cyber breaches.

Joe Scaff, VP USA Operations & Customer Services, SSH Communications Security, said: “Working with AppViewX, we can offer better-priced and higher-performing key and certificate management solutions than any of the incumbent vendors in this space. We look forward to showing our customers the next generation of key and certificate management in our free SSH Secure Access Workshop that defines their threat profile and best practices for remediation.”

Mark Vondemkamp, EVP Marketing and Business Development, AppViewX, said: “AppViewX has always worked towards providing simplified solutions to all its customers. Through this partnership, we will be able to seamlessly cater to enterprises’ growing certificate lifecycle management needs with powerful yet cost-efficient tools. We believe this will help us further our vision of making NetOps and SecOps more agile through automation.”

About AppViewX
AppViewX is a global leader in the management, automation and orchestration of network services in brownfield and greenfield data centers. The AppViewX Platform helps network operations (NetOps) adapt to technology and process demands, such as agile, DevOps, IoT, cloud, and software-defined infrastructure. AppViewX delivers greater business agility and efficiency at a lower cost. For more information, visit

The key risk:

One lost or stolen SSH key is one too many.

For CISOs, data center mangers and system admins, SSH keys have become a way of life. SSH keys grant, automate and enable single sign-on remote access to the digital core of every Fortune 500 company.

SSH keys are mission and business critical. They enable our major financial institutions, global industrials, tech giants and governments to function securely.

While the advantage of using encrypted keys is obvious, so is the problem. One legitimate key lost or stolen stolen gives hackers access to networks undetected – where they can create new permanent access keys for others.

In large enterprises, 90% of SSH keys are typically unused and unmanaged. They are a target for hackers. Snowden is infamous because he exploited weak key management.

SSH.COM is the originator of the SSH protocol. We are the trusted experts. We offer the only credible, permanent SSH key management solution for major businesses and organizations.

Get your entire SSH key inventory under management


Your business continuity depends on the effective management of every single one of your keys.


Without an automated key management process, every authorization increases risk, non-compliance, costs and inertia.


How many millions of your keys are untracked? How many new keys did you create today?

UKM simplifies management
of millions of keys



The only effective strategy is to manage keys as a process, not as a vault, project or patch.

Our approach is a closed-loop process with quick wins, starting with a free risk assessment.



Gain and retain full control of all trusted access provisioning throughout the key lifecycle.

Non-intrusive deployment, no agents to install, and no changes to existing scripts.



Gain compliance with total visibility and cost-effective management of all key deployments.

Scalable, re-deployable, multi-platform, integrates with SIEMs and 3rd party systems.

Choose your Universal Key Manager solution



Get your SSH key environment under radar with non-intrusive analysis

  • Visibility to SSH access
  • Change detection and alerts
  • Policy rule validation
  • Risk and compliance reports


Take control with centralized
key management

  • Sanitize your SSH key environment
  • Reduce risk surface
  • React to violations
  • Meet compliance obligations


Intelligent total
key lifecycle process

  • Automated SSH key management
  • Configuration lock down
  • SIEM and IDS integration
  • Compliant process enforcement
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SSH.COM Risk Assessment is based on our technology expertise, unique scanning and reporting software, and our wide-ranging experience with thousands of customers.

Fast - Completed in less than 5 days and requires only a few hours of staff time.

Non-invasive - No software agents installed. No changes to hosts. No private keys collected or moved.

Comprehensive - You get an analysis of your most significant risks, including data visualizations.

Prioritized - We’ll tell you what to focus on first, and why.

Safe - No information or data leaves your control.

Access doesn’t have to be a lottery

Deployment costs down


from zero-friction automation and centralization

Annual OPEX down


for Fortune 500 companies running

Lost keys make up


of your millions of keys, risking intrusion and data breaches


UKM is built for the most demanding environments.

Patented automatic SSH key discovery and tracking for existing authorizations, their usage, configurations, and unused and policy-violating keys

Universal solution for open source SSH keys and Centrify, Attachmate, Bitwise etc.

Non-intrusive deployment without the need to install agents on endpoints

Centralized management via a single pane of glass for key configuration and policy control to reduce manual work and errors

Easy API integration to existing ticketing systems and e.g. your IAM infrastructure

Rapid policy-based reports on the compliance of your SSH configurations and key environment

Compliance with current requirements and planned updates to GDPR, PCI, NIST/FISMA, SOX, HIPAA, and BASEL III

Hardware Security Module (HSM) support

Alerts to SIEM or IPS/IDS systems for enhanced control, and rapid situational responses and violation fixes

SSH.COM is trusted by organizations from all sectors

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Designed in partnership with Fortune 500 companies

Do you have Linux/Unix servers for critical business applications?

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