zero trust just-in-time Privileged Access Management software

Uncomplicate your privileged access management

PrivX is a scalable, cost-efficient, and highly automated hybrid privileged access management (PAM) solution. It supports hybrid and multi-cloud environments as well as password vaulting, rotation and passwordless authentication.

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Enjoy next-generation PAM security

Just-in-time, Zero Trust & passwordless privileged access. Password vaulting or rotation is optional.

Deploy quickly and cost-effectively

Scale your PAM quickly in hybrid and multi-cloud IT environments without time-consuming IT projects or an army of consultants.

Automate manual processes and tasks

Automate user authorizations, role changes, and other privileged access management solution processes with just a few setup tasks.


What is your
hybrid cloud privileged access management solution
better without?

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PrivX PAM technology comes in different flavors


PAM for industrial automation and manufacturing businesses

PrivX OT Edition


Go beyond mere secure remote access (SRA) with a full-scale OT access management solution.

PrivX OT provides on- and off-site secure access to modern IT/OT targets in hybrid environments.

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PAM for managed hosts and multi-tenant environments

PrivX MSP Edition


Grant secure access for multiple roles to multi-tenant customer environments and managed hosts.

Demonstrate proper access governance to your customers with audit trails of all activities.

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Full-blown access credentials management

SSH Zero Trust Suite for Just-in-Time Access

Combine Enterprise Key Management (EKM) and Privileged Access Management into one powerful package.

Radically reduce the number of encryption keys, passwords, and credentials to manage -  at an enterprise scale.

Zero Trust Security

PrivX Just-in-Time Zero Trust PAM solution in 2 minutes

See how PrivX technology can help you...

  • enhance your privileged access security

  • accelerate PAM operations and productivity

  • mitigate insider and third party risk

  • enable passwordless and keyless authentication

  • use single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for privileged access

  • adopt Zero Trust authentication methods


Privileged access management solution re-imagined

Privileged Access Management is better
when it's easy

PrivX makes PAM easy, productive, and secure while decreasing complexity and costs.

PrivX reduces the risk of passwords, keys, and other leave-behind credentials by eliminating them right after access authentication. 

Instead, it uses short-lived, ephemeral certificates. Your privileged users and superusers get just-in-time, role-based Zero Trust access without the need to handle, vault, manage or rotate any secrets.

PrivX also supports hybrid environments with a secrets vault and password rotation when necessary.

Learn more about starting your journey to a passwordless and keyless world.


Centralize access
to all targets

Manage privileged access to all your mission-critical targets under a single pane of glass, be they servers, multi-cloud hosts, data centers, network infrastructure, web applications, network devices or management consoles.

Privileged users only see their available targets - nothing more. 


Automate access
control processes

PrivX syncs with directory services (like Active Directory) and automatically maps your existing identity groups to specific access privileges through roles.

Role-based access control (RBAC) removes the need to make changes to targets every time there are changes in users or user groups.


Record privileged sessions
for easy auditing

Every session leaves an audit trail, regardless of the required protocol (SSH, RDP, VNC, or HTTPS). All sessions can also be recorded for auditing, forensics, training, or other purposes.

PrivX works smoothly on any modern browser without risky plug-ins or with a command line interface (CLI).


Combine ease of use with productivity

Provide single sign-on (SSO) privileged access to all resources for internal and external users, secured by multi-factor authentication (MFA). Embrace Zero Trust, just-in-time and just enough access (JEA) without passwords - based on current user authorizations.


Deploy and scale fast

Get your PAM software up and running in days, rather than weeks or months - installed either on-premises or on-cloud. Cloud deployments are easy, since PrivX takes advantage of built-in cloud provider components.

PrivX PAM is also available as Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IaC) to be easily installed on your AWS account.


Save time, money
and nerves

PrivX accelerates the daily work of your privileged users, automates routines, minimizes complexity, reduces the time and costs associated with password and credentials management, vaulting and rotation.​ This translates into improved operational efficiency, a great ROI, and low TCO.

The future of Privileged Access Management is passwordless

Rotating and vaulting passwords and keys is sometimes necessary. But not always. Learn more about our hybrid approach to migrating to passwordless and keyless cybersecurity.

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The best customer experience
in the industry

Our customers gave us a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 50 - way above the industry norm for Privileged Access Management solutions. 


The users are satisfied, SSH knows what they were talking about and demonstrate experience in the field and a great understanding of our needs with the product.

- Security architect, European bank

The PAM solution is intuitive and the only one we know of that doesn’t rely on the username & password paradigm. Also agentless which is a big plus for us. We were particularly happy that SSH developed the product together with us.

- IT Manager, Global mining company

PrivX is simple and smart. Keep it that way please, no need to duplicate what everybody else is doing.

- Cloud Architect, Global manufacturing business

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Use cases

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next-generation Hybrid PAM software

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