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email encryption solution

Highly secure and easy email encryption

SalaX Secure Mail 2024 is an easy-to-use and highly secure email encryption solution that can be embedded in your existing email services to protect confidential email communications.

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What our customers say about SalaX Secure Mail 2024:


Really good product for everyone who cares about their email security.

"The product works and if not, the support will help quickly."

- IT associate, construction industry

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The product is working as it should.

"Outstanding help, service is good/helpful and product is working as it should."

- IT associate, insurance (except health) industry

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Full-on email security with SalaX Secure Mail 2024


Access verification

Verify all users (senders and recipients alike) with various authentication methods (including MFA, PIN, SSO). Ensure security with monitoring features, like audit trails and various reporting options.


Robust security

Protect your communications with end-to-end encryption, all the way from sender to recipient. Secure Mail supports various email security protocols (DMARC, DKIM, SPF) as well as S/MIME-based encryption.


Full control over your data

You are in control of your data - flexible deployment is possible in the cloud or on-premises. Secure Mail also offers multiple configuration options (APIs, web interfaces).


Comply & classify

Classify confidential data and adjust security levels according to your policies. Stay compliant with data privacy laws and regulations (e.g. GDPR) thanks to government-grade security.


Automatic scanning of email traffic

Secure Mail automatically scans and analyzes your email traffic and recognizes confidential information. Based on your policy, you can automatically encrypt such emails or prevent them from being sent.


User-friendly experience

Secure Mail interoperates with any email system without changes to the user experience. No extensive training for users, no end-user accounts needed.

A browser-based interface makes it easy for third parties to start encrypted communication with your business.

How does SalaX Secure Mail 2024 work?

Sending a secure email via web client:



Step 1: Log in using your preferred method, e.g. email and password.

Step 2: Create a new message by filling in the recipient's email address, subject, and email body. You can attach files up to 1GB.

Step 3: Adjust security settings such as your preferred authentication method for the recipient (password, email OTP, etc.).

Step 4: Send the secure email.

Sending a secure email via an email client (e.g. Outlook):



Step 1: Connect your email client with Secure Mail and create a new message as usual.

Step 2: Add ".s" to the recipient's email address.

Step 3: Send the secure email.

Receiving a secure email:



Step 1: Open a notification email and click the "Access the message" button.

Step 2: Authenticate using the sender-selected method.

Step 3: View the secure email. Based on sender-selected security settings, you may reply, forward, save, or delete the message.

How to use inbound email:

Step 1: Configure Secure Mail

Set up inbound messages and choose sender authentication (email, SMS/SSN, or whitelist) in your admin panel.

Step 2: Add Secure Mail URL

Integrate the provided URL onto your website for easy access.

Step 3: Start Receiving Messages

Customers/patient authenticate and send secure messages through the URL.

Sending unencrypted emails is like sending
confidential information on a postcard

  1. Email is still the most commonly used tool for business communications because of its ease of use and accessibility, regardless of the security limitations of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) protocol - the standard communication protocol for electronic mail transmission. 
  2. Many webmail solutions have native encryption, but the communications can still become unencrypted on their way to the recipient, making them vulnerable to misuse.
  3. Traditional Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a cryptographic protocol providing communications security over a computer network. However, it often lacks complete end-to-end encryption.


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Protect and encrypt your sensitive
business communications & data

Access, verify, sign, receive, store, and share sensitive data securely with SSH with SalaX Secure Collaboration 2024.

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Who benefits from email encryption?

All organizations using email to communicate with their partners, customers, and employees should consider protecting their email traffic, especially if you're sharing business-sensitive information.

Our customers typically protect the following type of highly confidential and sensitive information: 

  • Financial information
  • Recruitment & HR information
  • Business development data
  • Product development data
  • Customer information
  • Marketing strategies
  • Service requests
  • Offers & pricing information
  • Confidential project files
  • User credentials and/or passwords

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