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Protect and encrypt confidential data with Secure e-comms Suite

When your messages, files and information require uncompromising security and encryption

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Integrates easily to your IT architecture and looks like your company. ​Works with all email service providers: Microsoft, Google, etc. On-premise or cloud services.​


Effortlessly send, open and reply to a highly-protected message.​ Multiple language versions available.


Finnish information security company with more than 25 years of experience. ​Fully supported commercial software trusted by millions of users.

What if my confidential or sensitive information is compromised?

Not all data is created equal. Some information is intended for a very restricted audience only. Examples include legally binding contracts, HR information, financial data, medical records and government secrets. 

With our Secure e-communications suite we protect your data with a high level of security and encryption that also meets strict regulatory requirements like GDPR.​

We ensure that:

  • you can have secure confidential communications in internal networks with end-to-end encryption regardless of the environment or client/server configurations 
  • you share files, emails, fill in forms and sign documents as easily as before - just more securely
  • you don't expose sensitive data to public cloud or third party service providers

Our secure e-communications suite


Secure email

  • Fulfills even the most demanding security needs​ with end-to-end encryption
  • Non-disruptive onboarding​
  • Consistent user experience across different email services​
  • Per message-based security ​
  • Low management overhead ​
  • No end user accounts to manage
  • Renowned for best of breed end user experience

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Secure file sharing

  • Works with any device ​
  • Secure and responsive browser interface protects data in transit​
  • Strong encryption safeguards data at rest​
  • Wide support for different authentication methods​
  • Simple and secure 2-way communication with 3rd parties​
  • Share files without artificial size limits
  • Simple admin tools to make complicated security controls easy​

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Secure webform​

  • Straightforward GUI for creating e-forms​
  • All data in transit encrypted​
  • GDPR compliant​
  • WCAG 2.1 compliant​
  • On-premise deployment ensures your confidential information stays in your control​
  • Wide variety of proven features to support most processes and use cases​
  • Developed specifically to fulfill high security needs​

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Secure e-signature

  • Secure delivery of signature documents with authentication options​
  • Highly configurable e-signing solution to support your signature processes through APIs or web interfaces​
  • Flexible branding options​
  • On-premise deployment to ensure your data remains in your control​
  • No cumbersome end user account management for signatories

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What customers have said about our suite.

”Secure email is surprisingly easy to use. Just add ”.s” to the end of the recipient and the message is encrypted.” ​

- Head of HR, Financial institution​

For years, we have been using Deltagon's solution to protect email and e-communications. The solution meets well our requirements for data security and data protection and, above all, the solution is easy to use for both the sender and the recipient. One of the key criteria has been that the solution does not require any separate program installations from the recipient.

Partner, lawyer

experience superior security, ENCRYPTION  and usability in one package

Why you should choose SSH Secure e-communication Suite​

+1600 customers

Trusted by more than 1600 happy customers.

+10.000.000 transactions

Tens of millions of transactions generated by happy end-users.

Easiest user experience

No need for heavy-handed onboarding or extensive training sessions.

+20 years

More than 20 years of experience in building cybsersecurity solutions.

Trusted provider

Security solutions designed by an independent company.

Security first approach

Boost your competitiveness by letting your customers know you are serious about security.

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