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Hybrid & multi-cloud access management

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Next Wave of privileged access management 

Hybrid & multi-cloud access management

Operate at cloud speed in any environment. Deploy access management in containers for efficiency & scalability. Minimize hardware and resource costs.

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Cloud built-in, not bolt-on

SSH's PrivX hybrid Privileged Access Management solution leverages existing cloud-native functions for maximum agility, flexibility and scalability. Match cloud speed without hiccups while accessing taregts in AWS, Azure GCP - and more.


Lean on resources

With its micro-services architecture, PrivX can scale up individual functions (like extra SSH or RDP connections) without needing to scale entire instances or hardware investments upfront. Save on hardware and operating costs without sacrificing performance.


Hybrid cloud proof

PrivX can be deployed in the cloud as Infrastructure as Code (IaC), in containers, or as an image for on-premise environments. You always get high service availability and scalability, regardless of your deployment mode.

A Fortune 500 business deploys privileged access management in containers

Learn how a Fortune 500 company deployed our PrivX Hybrid PAM into an in-house built and main on-premises container environment. 

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Save: Great performance that's light on resources

With traditional privileged access management solutions, you have to reserve resources in anticipation of service and traffic peaks. This means more hardware investments upfront, making the service more expensive. If the hardware is cheap, it doesn’t perform well. 

Light on its feet, PrivX can scale easily with standard hardware or just by scaling the function you need (like more SSH or RDP connections) without scaling the entire PAM instance.


Scale: Handle traffic peaks with ease

PAM solutions that are built on legacy technology and have been retrofitted to work for cloud-native or container-driven environments don't perform at a cloud scale. 

They were designed before Kubernetes was invented and cannot fully leverage the micro-services architecture that is the engine for high-performing multi-cloud native PAM like PrivX.

PrivX was built to maximize the benefits inherent to cloud-native architectures so that your access management can auto-scale as well as your Kubernetes cluster.


Mix and match: Hybrid environments

We designed a privileged access management solution that can be deployed natively in a Kubernetes-orchestrated containers environment. It works just as well in any multi-cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), on-premise,  or hybrid environment.

Sharing functions and load from one environment to another is easy and efficient since PrivX doesn't require you to move an entire instance: you can only move the functions you need in any given situation.


High availability: Stellar service uptime

Service availability is crucial. PAM solutions that are only available as a service are typically run on a single cloud service provider (like AWS). If that cloud service is down, then your entire critical privileged access management service is down.

A truly highly-available service is fast to shift from on-premises to cloud and vice versa if needed. You can even upgrade PrivX with zero downtime required.

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