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Secure access to hybrid envs with great roi

PrivX Zero Trust Privileged Access Management Case Studies

PrivX Case Study

A Fortune 500 secures access to containers

Learn more about how an online giant chose PrivX to secure access to highly dynamic container environments and why PrivX's auto-scalability and microservices architecture made a difference.

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PrivX Case Study

3rd party risk mitigation in three days

Learn how a network service provider in Asia deployed PrivX in just three days to keep their operations running while improving their 3rd party access management audit trails.

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Secure access for robots to critical data

Find out why MOST Digital deployed PrivX to handle their robotic process automation (RPA) and secure developer access needs.

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PrivX Case Study

Streamlined access management & session monitoring

A large department in the Hong Kong government replaced their outdated password sharing system, simplified access management and enhanced  session monitoring and auditing.

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pass It audits, mitigate digital key risk and stay compliant

Universal SSH Key Manager® Enterprise Key Management Case Studies

UKM Case Study

Finance compliance audit success

Learn how SSH.COM helped one of the world’s largest banks solve compliance issues stemming from lack of governance over the SSH Keys used to access critical business systems.


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New_Case_study_top_15_global_bank_restores compliance and reduces risk with universal SSH key manager
UKM Case Study

Prevent PAM bypass and regain control

A famous bank's internal security audit showed their development team had found a way to self-provision SSH access across production systems, by-passing access control systems in place.


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UKM Case Study

Real-time cloud SSH Key provisioning

This global big data analysis firm deployed UKM  to fully integrate with their AWS-hosted service to meet customer demands for secure access controls to data hosted in the cloud.


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UKM Case Study

Regaining Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance

This Big Oil company implemented a scalable SSH key management for customer service operations to meet with strict compliance requirements.


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New_case_study_ Securing_a_financial_IT_environment
UKM Case Study

Securing Financial IT Environment

A large Asian financial institution has their IT environment accessed by both in-house staff and third-parties. Learn how they gained control of SSH keys that grant that access and securing their file transfer with robust SFTP.


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secure remote access, file transfers and application-to-application tunneling

Tectia SFTP for secure server and mainframe transmissions Case Studies

New_case_study_ Securing_a_financial_IT_environment
Tectia® SSH client/server  Case Study

Securing Financial IT Environment with SFTP

A large Asian financial institution has their IT environment accessed by both in-house staff and third-parties. Learn how they secured their file transfers with robust SFTP while gaining control of SSH keys that grant critical  access.

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New_case_study_ Securing_a_financial_IT_environment
Tectia® SSH Server for z/OS Case Study

Bank secures mainframe file transfers

Read how a major banking and finance institution secured their critical mainframe communications with Tectia® SSH Server for IBM z/OS.


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Customer quotes


It took us four hours to set up the test environment from start to finish. And the amazing part was when we connected to Azure, we could retrieve all the VMs right away without any kinds of hassle.”


Sami Säisä, Director, Head of Strategic Development, MOST Digital

PrivX makes life easier.”

IT manager at a large industrial equipment company


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