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Support services for OpenSSH 

One-stop support for your entire OpenSSH install base

SSH is us. We invented the SSH protocol and we know how to implement it like no other.

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OpenSSH by SSH

If you already have an existing install base of OpenSSH, we now offer you the possibility to enjoy our world-class support services without switching to our own client/server solution Tectia. Keep running your OpenSSH installations as they are and choose the support level that fits your needs.

You can also get one-stop support for mixed install bases of Tectia-OpenSSH as well as OpenSSH together with our PrivX or Universal SSH Key Manager.

Avoid extra expenses due to downtime

SSH is everywhere in your IT environment, and even a single hour of downtime can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With our support team, you have an expert available on the phone all the time. The person who answers your phone call is the person who solves your problem.





Choose the level of support that fits your needs

We provide various levels of support, from basic support during office hours to a complete solution. You choose the level of ownership we have with your SSH installation base.

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Utilize the best SSH toolbox on the market

Our experts have the best tools available at their disposal, and the tools can be used to complement the support offering.

Among the tools are our own SSH solutions such as Universal SSH Key Manager, PrivX Just-In-Time PAM, and more.

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OpenSSH by SSH offers:

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World-class support service

Our support team offers a range of options from basic support to a complete solution. Choose between Standard, Premium 8x5, or Enterprise 24x7 support to always have an expert on call.

Expert consultation and training

Utilize expert advice and knowledge on OpenSSH installation, configuration, analysis of defect situations as well as professional training or custom project guidance.

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Security and auditing guidance

Our System Validation Check service package identifies common defects and vulnerabilities in your server configuration. Scan large numbers of OpenSSH servers and clients, exposing many potential SSH key- and server-related problems.

High availability file sharing on demand

Upgrade your OpenSSH server to a premium file sharing server, satisfying high availability requirements and including Role-Based Access with AD integration, audit trails with SIEM, and multi-protocol access.

Open-source isn't always free.
What are the hidden costs of free software?

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Go premium with Tectia


Tectia SSH Client/Server Quantum-Safe Edition

Be future-proof against Quantum attacks.

Includes all the functionalities of the original Tectia SSH Client/Server with the addition of post-quantum algorithms, platform support for Mac, and GUI for all platforms.

Tectia Quantum-Safe

Tectia SSH Client/Server Zero Trust Edition

Easy-to-manage SSH servers with high security and transparent access.

An upgrade to the Tectia Quantum-Safe Edition, the Tectia Zero-Trust solution includes SSH servers with role-based access, the elimination of keys and passwords as well as full auditing capabilities. It is especially well-suited for large deployments of SSH servers.

Tectia Zero Trust

Tectia SSH Client/Server vs. OpenSSH

Software management costs


  • Compiled and tested packages for all key platforms
  • Centralized distribution of updates throughout the heterogeneous network
  • Consistent release cycle covering all separate platforms
  • No compatibility risks
  • No integration costs
  • No need for expensive in-house technology expertise


  • Updates from multiple sources & patches separately for each platform ⇒ adds administrative costs
  • Release cycles and policies are different for each source ⇒ multiplies maintenance
  • Resolving interoperability and consistency between implementations
  • Documenting all steps involved in deployment and maintenance
  • Maintaining expensive in-house technology expertise
  • Working with OpenSSH source code creates extra costs

Authentication integration costs


  • Tectia incorporates broad, tested, and documented authentication integration
  • Developed in co-operation with enterprise customers
  • Minimizes in-house engineering and other integration costs


  • Developing authentication integration requires in-house: requirement specification, development, testing, documentation, and maintenance
  • Costly in-house project management and software engineering resources needed
  • Need to rely on third-party patches with limited support

Support and Helpdesk costs


  • Single point of contact for all Secure Shell related support requests
  • Extensive, consistent support packages available for all platforms


  • Multiple points of contact in Secure Shell related inquiries
  • Inconsistent support and maintenance policies between different platforms
  • Limited support for Unix bundled OpenSSH packages
  • No support for in-house OpenSSH compilations

Other risks and concerns


  • In-house developed implementation ⇒ no IPR risks for customers
  • Extensive product roadmap developed and reviewed with customers
  • Enterprise-class feature set specifically created to address regulatory demand
  • Post-quantum encryption algorithms and protection against quantum attacks


  • IPR infringement risks
  • Uncertain future product roadmap
  • Risk of non-compliance
  • Unclear path towards post-quantum cryptography

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