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communications & data encryption software

Secure business communications with guaranteed compliance

SSH Deltagon Suite is a collection of four applications that help organizations and employees access, verify, sign, receive, store, and share sensitive data in an extra secure and compliant manner across organizational borders and when working with external stakeholders.

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communications & data encryption software

Secure business communications
with guaranteed compliance

SSH Secure Collaboration 2024 is a collection of applications that help people access, verify, sign, receive, store, and share sensitive data securely with internal and external stakeholders.

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Build authorized channels for your sensitive communications 

Using regular email, digital data storage, or instant messaging apps isn't going to keep your business safe from cyberattacks.

SSH Secure Collaboration 2024 helps you prevent data breaches by building your own authorized and secure channels to:

  • Communicate securely via email and an instant messaging platform, even about business-sensitive information

  • Store and share data and files in an encrypted format

  • Collect data from your customers, partners, or employees in a highly secure manner

  • Securely sign digital documents and verify digital signatures


Complement or move away from your regular email


Control your data & where and how it's stored or shared


Demonstrate compliance easily by having only authorized, secure channels

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Why should you use only authorized channels for sensitive data?


Avoid non-compliance and large regulatory fines


The Securities and Exchange Commission fined Wall Street companies for pervasive and longstanding off-channel business communications over platforms like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Signal. The fines exceeded $2.5 billion.

Affected businesses include Bank of America, Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs Group.

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Protect your business secrets from unauthorized access


Even wide-spread workspace apps meant for business communications aren't safe from cybercriminals. For example, Slack got hit with a security breach caused by stolen employee access tokens.

Learn about the risks of using unauthorized channels in this blog post >>>


Keep your data and communications safe


Storing your data in the cloud and trusting tech giants' security measures might cost you. For example, Microsoft's cloud breach led to hundreds of thousands of government emails getting compromised.

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Guaranteed compliance

Regular audits and assessments ensure that SSH Secure Collaboration 2024 is in compliance with the latest regulations and laws (GDPR, WCAG 2.1), and so will you.


Robust security

Your data is protected by robust end-to-end encryption (AES-256). User verification is supported by various authentication methods (including MFA, PIN, SSO), audit trails, and reporting options.


Full control over your data

You control where data is stored (in the cloud or on-premises), who can access it, and what they can do with it. Multiple configuration options (APIs or web interfaces) ensure interoperability.


Ease-of-use for users & admins

No need for heavy-handed onboarding or training. No need for end-user accounts. Easy access granting for third parties.

Why SSH Secure Collaboration 2024?

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Trusted provider

We offer cybersecurity solutions designed by an independent company from Finland.


Customers in highly regulated industries

Among our customers are private as well as public institutions, including governments and governmental agencies.


Cybersecurity expertise

We have more than 20 years of experience in developing and building cybersecurity solutions that ensure security now and in the future.

What our customers say about SSH Secure Collaboration 2024

We think that encrypting and protecting critical information sharing needs to be easy. And our customers agree.

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Secure Email is surprisingly easy to use. Just add ”.s” to the end of the recipient and the message is encrypted.

- Head of HR, Financial institution​

For years, we have been using SSH's solution to protect email and e-communications. The solution meets our requirements for data security and data protection very well, and above all, the solution is easy to use for both the sender and the recipient. One of the key criteria has been that the solution does not require any separate program installations from the recipient.

Partner, lawyer

SSH Secure Collaboration 2024 includes:



Secure Mail

Easy-to-use, secure email encryption that works with all email providers (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and requires no end-user accounts.

That means consistent UX across email services, low management overhead, and low maintenance and total costs.

Comes in various on-premise and cloud solutions with strong end-to-end encryption and strong authentication.

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Secure Messaging

Secure instant communications that allow you to build your own authorized channels and communicate in real time over encrypted messaging, voice, and video.

You are in full control over your communications with robust end-to-end security, flexible deployment (in the cloud or on-premises), and comprehensive monitoring features (including full audit trails and compliance reporting).

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Secure Rooms

Secure workspace with a responsive browser interface that works with any device and allows file sharing without limits.​

Support for various authentication methods (MFA, SSO) allows secure two-way communication with third parties.

Strong encryption and simple admin tools ensure easy security controls.

Learn more about Secure Rooms >>>


Secure Forms

Data collection and form encryption made easy with a straightforward GUI and a wide variety of features for creating secure e-forms.

Developed to fulfill high-security needs with all data in transit protected with strong encryption.

Your confidential information stays under your control. You stay compliant with strict regulations, like GDPR or WCAG 2.1.

Learn more about Secure Forms >>>


Secure Signatures

Secure digital signature solution protected by robust encryption that requires no end-user accounts for signatories to manage.

Support for your secure e-signature processes with flexible configuration (APIs or web interfaces), various authentication options, and flexible branding options.

On-premise deployment ensures your data stays under your control.

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