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secure digital workspace

Store and share confidential data
& documents

Secure Rooms is a secure workspace solution that allows you to store and share confidential information with your internal teams as well as third-party interest groups.

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The best way to share sensitive information


Create secure and compliant workspaces

Create secure rooms with strict access controls and policies to store confidential information. Users can communicate about confidential topics and share information securely.

Comply with regulations (like GDPR) by adding layers of security that match the sensitivity or criticality of the data. Prevent sharing as per policy.


Share & store confidential files without fear of data leaks or identity theft

Share large documents without file size limits with selected recipients and groups - internal or external. Store files in specific rooms or conversations protected with robust end-to-end encryption. 


Monitor & verify access

Detailed access controls and authentication options (including MFA, several 2-factor authentication options, or Active Directory integration) can be specified and tracked for each room.


User-friendly tools

Users can access confidential files, comment on them, and share data without end-user accounts and in line with your policy specifications.

Create documents and polls, assign tasks to users, and arrange meetings with external parties.


No plug-ins, no agents

You can enjoy secure connections via a basic browser-based interface that works on any device. Without risky plug-ins or add-ons and without installing agents on clients.


On-prem, cloud, or hybrid

Deploy Secure Rooms as an additional layer of security on top of public cloud services or as a stand-alone solution for full control.


Collaborate on an enterprise-grade secure platform

With data breaches and identity theft cases on the rise, public cloud-based services are considered only relatively safe these days. Thus, many industries and businesses face special security and regulatory requirements and policies to keep their sensitive data protected.

Secure Rooms can help you securely store and share your data in two ways:

  1. As an additional layer of security on top of public cloud services
  2. As a separate solution to help you fully manage and control your data, and who has access to the data

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Protect and encrypt your critical
business communications & data

Access, verify, sign, receive, store and share sensitive data securely with Secure Collaboration.

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Who benefits from secure shared workspaces?

  • Organizations that need to share highly confidential information internally as well as externally
  • Organizations that collaborate with many external business parties, contractors, or customers
  • Companies whose security policies do not allow the use of common tools, such as Teams, Sharepoint, or other public cloud-based file storage solutions

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