secure workspaces for networked businesses

Store, share and communicate securely with  internal & external teams

Deltagon Secure Rooms is a secure workspace solution allowing you to store, share and comment on confidential information with different interest groups.

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Store files and conversations with strong encryption and in managed groups

safe sharing

Share large confidential files with a select group of recipients

audit & track

Detailed access controls and authentication options


You control who has access to where


Share with only the intended recipients


Add more security checks if needed

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A dedicated solution for confidential collaboration

Even though public cloud services can be considered relatively safe these days, security policies often place special requirements for particularly sensitive data Deltagon Secure Rooms offers either an additional layer of security on top of public cloud services or an option to have a total control on your data; who can access it and with what level:

  1. Share large files easily with external parties ad-hoc.
  2. Straightforward access policies for confidential data and storing it separately from the rest of the organization with a proper level of granularity.
  3. Segmented and managed access to confidential information for 3rd parties.

Your digital workspace secured


Secure user workspaces

Create your own secure rooms with strict access controls and tools to store confidential information. Have confidential conversations and share information securely - or prevent sharing as per policy.


Collaboration tools

Create shared documents securely with full version control. Create polls and arrange meetings with external parties, in addition to assigning tasks to other workspace users.


Easy, secure file sharing

Deltagon Secure Rooms allows you to share confidential files without setting up accounts to the service.  You can still define multi-factor authentication (MFA) requirements, e.g. with n one-time password (OTP) sent as SMS. Shared items can work as a return channel so you can receive comments and data as a feedback.


No plug-ins, no agents

Enjoy secure connections using a basic browser without risky plug-ins or add-ons - or without installing agents on clients. 


Who benefits from highly-secure shared workspaces?

Organizations that need to share highly confidential information or collaborate with external business parties, contractors or customers.

Companies whose security policies do not allow the use of common tools, such as Teams, Sharepoint or other public cloud-based file storage solutions.

Typically, our customers secure the following type of data:

Financial information, Health information, Defence, Recruitment, HR, Business development, Product development, Source code storage and distribution, Customer information, Marketing plans, Pricing information, Confidential project files, M&A processes.

Main features

Ease of use

  • Used with a standard browser over secure connection
  • Available room features configurable separately from each other, streamlining the user experience. Users have access and visibility to data and features on a need basis.
  • Browser based interface for 3rd party initiated messaging
  • System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) Rest API to make user management easier
  • Brandable look & feel

Authentication and Security

  • Tested and audited by trusted 3rd parties to meet rigorous security standards
  • Several 2-factor authentication options available for users, in addition to more lightweight approaches, including Active Directory (AD) integration
  • Room specific audit trails for tracking room usage
  • Room specific access controls and configurable features
  • Tools to block even admin access to certain areas

Customer cases

Learn more about why customers have chosen Deltagon Secure Rooms to secure their confidential co-operation.

Deltagon Secure Workspaces case studies