Premium file sharing server

Fast and secure solution for your heavy file sharing needs

Tectia Zero Trust Edition turns your SFTP server or a cluster of servers into a modern batch and bulk file sharing server with advanced features, like role-based access control, full audit trails, AD/LDAP integration, and a web client interface.

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The right identity with the right role

Integrate file sharing with advanced access controls: map the right identity with the right role seamlessly for Role-based access control (RBAC).

Tectia Zero Trust Edition integrates with your Identity and Access Management (IAM) system of your choice


Full audit trails

Fulfil compliance requirements and pass IT audits easily with a full audit trail of activities.

Tectia Zero Trust Edition logs all user authorizations and activities in a centralized system that integrates with your SIEM.


Multi-protocol support

It's not just about SFTP anymore.

With Tectia Zero Trust Edition, you can grant access to your customers and collaborators also via their web browsers.

For managing large deployments of SSH servers with complicated access control scenarios for multiple protocols, we recommend PrivX.

Supercharge your bulk and batch file sharing

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Centralized role-based access

Instead of direct server access, users are granted access based on their roles. A single role can allow access to multiple servers at a time but always with strong identity authentication.

It is possible to grant temporary access. After the defined time period is over, the granted access automatically expires.


Easy auditing and monitoring

Tectia Zero Trust Edition has a single, centralized activity log for your entire server estate. Users are always identified and all activities are tracked with detailed audit trails. All audit logs are tamper-proof.

Tectia Zero Trust Edition also supports SIEM integration for easy activity monitoring.


A complete feature package

Tectia Zero Trust Edition includes all features of the original Tectia SSH Client/Server as well as the Tectia Client/Server Quantum-Safe Edition.

This way, Tectia Zero Trust Edition combines the strengths of classical encryption algorithms with the latest post-quantum algorithms.


Easy migration

Migration from an existing Tectia or OpenSSH Server is easy and straightforward - with no changes on the client-end needed. Our professional services team is ready to help if needed.

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Tectia features

Common use cases

Patient data management in healthcare

Share private and confidential data, including patient data, with trusted third parties on a regular, daily basis. Securely handle data as mandated by laws and industry regulations (HIPAS, GDPR).

Software products distribution to customers

Easily distribute software to customers who get access to and can download only products that they paid for.

Order handling in manufacturing

Receive orders from customers and send quotes back to them. Easily download and upload files.

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