NQX technical highlights

Interconnect data centers, build quantum-ready VPNs and protect private LANs

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Centralized console for admins. Invisible to end-users.

Certified NQX hardware options for governments and corporates


NQX Nano

Small offices and remote sites

  • 6x 10/100/1000M RJ45 Ethernet

  • Intel i3 CPU

  • 1x 230VAC / 12VDC fanless

  • Aluminium case with VESA mounting

  • 6 Gbps throughput, 3 Gbps IPsec L2/L3, 200k flows/sec

ICON NQX desktop

NQX Desktop

Offices and small data centers

  • 6x 10/100/1000M RJ45 Ethernet, expandable with 2 or 4 port 10G SFP+

  • Intel Xeon CPU

  • 1x 230VAC /12VDC

  • 40 Gbps throughput, 15 Gbps IPsec L2/L3, 200 k flows/sec

  • Hardware supplier choices: Supermicro (CN) or Fujitsu (EU)



Medium-sized data centers and HQs

  • 4-port Ethernet 1G / 10G SFP+

  • Intel Xeon CPU

  • 2x 230VAC

  • 40 Gbps throughput, 33 Gbps IPsec L2/L3, 700 k flows/sec

  • Hardware supplier choices: Supermicro (CN) or Fujitsu (EU)



Large data centers and cloud solutions

  • 4-port Ethernet 1G / 10G SFP+, expandable to max 16x 1G / 10G SFP+

  • Intel Xeon CPU

  • 2x 230VAC

  • 80 Gbps throughput, 33 Gbps IPsec L2/L3, 700 k flows/sec

Software highlights

Central Management software for NQX node deployment & management

  • Secure browser based management UI

  • Administrators role, permissions and node access management

  • Full lifecycle management for NQX VPN Firewalls

  • High availability (HA) configurations

  • Security policy management

  • Log, debug and fault management

  • Emergency security features

  • Dashboard view and external monitoring/telemetrics support that provides a holistic view to NQX clusters

NQX cryptographic features and algorithms

  • Tunnel wizard for easy and fast tunnel setup

  • Strong IKE and IPSec cryptographic algorithms

  • PRF support

  • Key Exchange with 8k and 16k Diffie-Hellman or 521ECDSA

  • Multiple IKE authentication options with PPK and PFS

  • Support for external CA and revocation lists (CRL)

  • Certificate support for session and user authentication

Technical highlights

NQX key features

  • Certified hardware options from small office solutions to carrier-class

  • Rack-mountable 1U or 2U servers with front panel access

  • Redundant power supplies for reliability

  • Dual-speed ports for 1G / 10G, no need to change modules or optics

  • Flexible L2-connectivity with VLAN and QinQ support

  • Flexible L3-operations with IPv4 & IPv6 capabilities

  • Rule-based forwarding for granular flow management

  • Multi-policy with drag-and-drop rule ordering

  • Software managed and upgraded via a browser-based interface

  • Standard rest-APIs for flexible integration

Download the NQX datasheet

Security features

  • Proprietary data and control plane by SSH

  • Secure on-line upgrade via web interface

  • Transparent L2-Ethernet encryption and L3-IP VPNs

  • IPSec IKEv2: PSK keys with key-ring support and certificate support (PKI)

  • Adjustable re-key timer with Perfect Forward Secrecy

  • Quantum-resistant encryption algorithms*

  • Emergency reset for encryption and disk keys

  • Certified by FI-NCSA to ST III

*ETSI White Paper No. 8, ISBN No. 979-10-92620-03-0 ; Horizon 2020 ICT-645622

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