QuantumReady software for protecting classified data in transit

What makes NQX quantum-resistant?

Defend against advanced quantum threats

NQX is a ST III certified VPN firewall appliance providing strong cryptographic functionality with an easy-to-use management system. NQX provides high performance packet-based processing for rule-based forwarding, encryption/decryption and filtering for Ethernet-based IPv4/IPv6 networks. NQX is very DDoS resilient and can withstand massive Denial-of-Service attacks.

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Protect state secrets and valuable data

Governments and businesses around the world need to secure their network communications using strong encryption to secure their data-in-transit. In addition, meeting regulatory specifications like GDPR and NISD is mandatory for most organizations. QuantumReady NQX™ line encryption software has been developed by SSH.COM for governments and businesses to mitigate the threat originating from nefarious external actors. With NQX, you can create high-performance virtual private networks on top of any IP network, public or private.

NQX in Finnish (myös suomeksi)

State-certified software for state-certified hardware

Decentralized government operations with branch offices and embassies inside and outside the country require uncompromising security for every file transfer. In state and federal deployments, cybersecurity solutions must deliver a combination of certified software and hardware. NQX software was the first officially certified software to run on Finland’s critical networks and and we offer a scalable range of out-of-the-box certified appliance options.

NQX hardware options
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“The National Cyber Security Authority at the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom) has certified the SSH NQX firewall and virtual private network (VPN) appliance as a cryptographic product for protecting classified information according to Finnish national (FI) ST III (Confidential) security requirements.”

Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (Ficora)

Ironclad encryption for businesses

In corporate deployments, such as protecting data centers or the Internet edge infrastructure or multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) VPNs, NQX provides strong encryption for end-to-end or site-to-site transport of both Ethernet frames.

You get military-grade firewall and VPN functionality with a range of supported hardware to fulfill tough performance and connectivity requirements.

NQX in use
ICON protect money

Take control of confidential data

One-stop shop for critical connections

Manage all your critical network traffic through a browser-based UI, including easy-to-use multi-policy support and drag-and-drop rule definitions. NQX Central Management helps you easily manage, create and adjust security policies and firewall rules.

Government-grade protection

NQX is certified for the transport of classified data by Finland’s national certification authority (NCSA). NQX software is developed in partnership with the Finnish government. NQX encryption is quantum-resilient and its advanced packet engine provides high-rate DDoS resilience and remains fully functional under link saturation.

Cost-efficient performance at scale

Fast-to-deploy with minimal to non-existent maintenance, NQX offers a capacity of up to 80 Gbps with flexible connectivity to 10/100/1000M and 1G/10G ethernet networks. No speed bumps, no hiccups, just excellent capacity-to-price ratio.


In diverse business deployments, NQX runs on standard hardware platforms as it's based on x86 architecture. There’s no vendor lock lock for sourcing the hardware, making NQX perfect for multisourcing. In state/federal scenarios, NQX’s hardware-agnostic approach means that, if hardware upgrade/replacement is required, NQX software remains fully functional with no need for extra licenses or re-training.

What makes NQX quantum-ready?

  • NQX uses quantum-resilient encryption and authentication algorithms

  • NQX comes with key exchange support hardening to mitigate against quantum threats

  • NQX is software-based to enable easy, fast and cost effective future transition to post-quantum algorithms

SSH.COM originated the Secure Shell protocol and has 25 years of experience with encryption technologies. SSH.COM runs a PQC (Post Quantum Cryptography) program with IT industry and public sector organizations in Finland to further develop quantum-safe NQX technology.

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