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NQX has been certified by NCSA-FI for security level TL III

Helsinki, Finland – May 24, 2022 - SSH announced today that it has received a TL III-level security certification for its NQX quantum line encryption software version 2.2 from the Finnish National Cyber Security Center (NCSA). The certification enables the solution to be used to secure networks requiring TL III level encryption for the transmission of confidential and sensitive information.

The certified NQX 2.2 includes central management functionality that enables convenient remote management of network nodes. NQX central manager simplifies and automates the management and maintenance of Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) and certifications of nodes and connections regardless of their location. Because of its intuitive user interface, NQX central manager is easy to use and administrators can perform critical management tasks with minimal human effort.

NQX's capability to support various network deployment approaches is enhanced with an isolated management channel. Isolating the management channel from the payload allows applying managed TL III Level encryption to all sites regardless of their size. NQX 2.2 enables both centralized and decentralized management of network nodes.

The new centrally managed NQX 2.2 is quantum resistant in terms of encryption, management, key exchange, as well as authentication. SSH is implementing Quantum Safe cryptography to into all of its products, while the global post quantum cryptography (PQC) algorithm standardization work is ongoing. This ensures that the customers can start to deploy quantum safe solutions at their convenience.

“We have passed the stringent NSCA-FI certification requirements. This gives us the opportunity to sell our products in the market spaces in the public sector where certification is a mandatory requirement. We will expand our scope to other attractive market spaces. Our product portfolio is proven-in-use and future-proof covering our customers’ needs now and in the future with Zero Trust and Quantum Safe technologies.” says CEO of SSH, Dr. Teemu Tunkelo.

You can find more information about NQX here.

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