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Why do customers choose Deltagon Secure Signatures?

Deltagon Secure Signatures is used by customers who demand the highest level of security for their official documents.


Customer Cases


Case communications sector: Digital signature in employment contracts

In a communications company, employees are hired centrally to all its domestic branches. New employments are formed on a weekly basis. The sending of employment contracts by post to be signed was considered to be too slow.

The mailing process takes too much time

As the interviewed people live in different parts of the country, job interviews are handled in the company mainly by electronic tools e.g. videos and online meetings. At the end of the process, the selected employee was invited to head office to sign a contract of employment.

It was not worthwhile to fly persons over to the head office to sign a contract if they lived at a significant distance. However, mailing the papers took considerable hours in the company through file printing, mailing-related waiting, and receiving and processing the papers.

There was a need for an electronic solution also in the signature process.

Digital signature saves time when signing contracts of employment

The introduction of the Deltagon Secure Signatures enables the company to digitally sign a contract of employment. The signature of both the employer and the employee can be obtained on the same day - if necessary in minutes. Employee identity is verified by using a bank identifier or a mobile certificate.

The contract of employment signed by both parties is automatically received by both the HR department and the two signatories. Thus, all parties have their own signed and verifiable document.

New employees have been happy with the change and prefer to use the digital method even if they reside close to the headquarters. Digital signature saves both sender and signer time. Signing does not require attendance at a particular place at a particular time or sending letters by post.


Case service sector: Fast and effortless electronic signature to a contract

In one company operating in the service sector, dozens of contracts were signed every day. The mandate did not enter into force until the contract had the signatures of all parties. Often, however, it was difficult to get all the contract parties simultaneously to the same place and therefore contract was sent by post to be signed.

Getting a signature by mail took a lot of time

It could take several weeks to get a signed contract back to the company for processing. Especially in situations where the agreement required multiple people to sign and these people lived in different locations or even in different countries. In the meantime, the customer service did not have the possibility to advance the matter and it could take a long time before the actual assignment could begin. The company wanted to streamline its operations and enable customers a faster way to sign contracts.

Digital signature speeds up service and reduces costs

For the company in the service industry, key elements were information security, keeping the information in their own possession, and the ease of use, both from the point of view of the sender and the signatories. With these criteria in mind, the company took to use Deltagon's solution for secure electronic signature. A digital signature was obtained in an instant to a contract - regardless of the whereabouts of the signatories.

With the help of electronic signatures, the company considerably speeded up the proceedings, while simultaneously boosting sales and lowering costs. Customers were also happy with the accelerated service and experienced the ability to sign with their bank identifiers as an easy and modern course of action.