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Security orchestration

Security orchestration is a method of connecting security tools, processes and people to strengthen an organization’s overall security posture. The concept has grown in popularity as enterprise IT security has become more and more complicated to manage.

Security orchestration for enterprise IT

Ensuring the security of an enterprise IT environment today is a difficult task. A modern security team can no longer rely on a single vendor or single solution for all the work they do. Most organizations rely on a variety of security tools to help manage internal risks and protect against the wide range of constantly evolving external threats.

But, managing that array of tools and making sure that they work effectively together is no small feat. Because enterprises like to invest in best-of-breed tools, they’re left with different security tools that aren’t able to talk to each other. Security teams have to manage this manually, and they are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data and alerts they need to address.

Security orchestration is the answer.

The benefits of security orchestration

Integrating different security systems together through security orchestration helps organizations save time and money. Eliminating redundancies helps streamline security processes, allowing better time and resource management throughout the security operation. By centralizing security operations data, security teams can respond to incidents and issues faster and more effectively.

Once an organization’s security systems are integrated together, the organization is well-positioned to leverage automation to speed up processes and free up valuable resources. Security orchestration allows organizations to get the most out of their tools, processes and people.