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Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

What is security orchestration?

Security orchestration brings together different security tools, processes and people to improve and organization’s overall security. By combining the management of different best-of-breed tools, security orchestration enables cybersecurity teams to do their jobs quicker and more effectively.

What is security automation?

Security automation is often a component of security orchestration. It takes the basic concept a step further, automating the repetitive processes in a Security Operations Center (SOC) to improve efficiency and free up time for security teams to perform more valuable tasks.

What is security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR)?

Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) combines orchestration and automation with response strategy to accelerate, standardize and shorten incident response. This method of connecting security technologies, automation, threat intelligence and incident response enables organizations to respond to evaluate and respond to threats immediately, improving their overall security posture and often preventing data breaches in the first place.

Successful threat management isn’t just about detection; it depends on rapid response. SOAR systems take the data gathered from SIEM systems, along with data from other sources like data loss prevention (DLP) tools, managed service alerts, and other investigations, and gives context to that data. SOAR defines incident analysis and response procedures in a digital workflow format. It’s all about prioritizing incident response activities and speeding up response times to keep up with today’s evolving threat landscape.

The talent gap

Organizations worldwide are facing a cybersecurity skills gap. It’s difficult to find both the caliber and quantity of talent needed to stay on top of threats to the organization. Security teams are overworked and understaffed. SOAR helps organizations with resource constraints, addressing the talent gap through automation.

By lightening the manual load, SOAR allows security teams to prioritize the most pressing threats and gives them adequate time to address them. Automating repetitive tasks and the tedious parts of the workflow frees up resources to focus on the elements that require human judgement and action.