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August 8, 2022

Defensive Cybersecurity and Why It Matters in 2022

In recent years, cybersecurity has increasingly emerged alongside traditional risks. For example, buildings, factories, harbors, ships, electricity producers, and distribution and infrastructure networks are increasingly equipped with different types of automation systems and remote-control technologies, making them a potential target for various kinds of cyberattacks.

What is defensive cybersecurity?

The war in Ukraine has brought into sharp focus how organizations and whole societies can be at risk in various concrete ways. Battles are being fought on physical and digital fronts which are closely intertwined: a cyberattack might bring down an entire power grid of a city.

Media headlines often focus on attacks by hacker groups and their successful data breaches - the offensive side of cybersecurity. However, we rarely hear success stories about defensive cybersecurity because, in these cases, the cyberattack has usually been successfully repelled in advance, avoiding negative attention or crisis.

Defensive cybersecurity is a practice where vulnerabilities and weaknesses are identified in advance in a comprehensive, systematic, and holistic manner. You build protection that radically mitigates the risk of breaches, and you can determine most potential attacks or their nature in advance. Defensive cybersecurity means being prepared for future threats and not just reacting when the organization is the target of a cyber operation.

Overall, it is an approach to your organization’s cybersecurity where you anticipate, prepare for, and mitigate or eliminate potential attacks before they occur

The key to defensive cybersecurity is to be able to answer these five questions:

  1. What are my critical data and systems?​
  2. Where are they? ​
  3. Who can access them?​
  4. Where are my keys and passwords?​
  5. Is my cyber defense future-proof?

Adopt the defensive cybersecurity approach 

Did you manage to answer the five questions about your cybersecurity in the first section of this blog? We can help you with that. Our software solutions are at the forefront of cybersecurity, offering future-proof technologies with quantum computer-resistant encryption and Zero Trust capabilities of the keyless and passwordless world of the future.

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Teemu Tunkelo

Dr. Teemu Tunkelo, former CEO at SSH (2020-2024), is an international business leader who has served major companies, such as Voith, Siemens, ABB, Invensys, and Compaq in global management and technology leadership roles for over 25 years in Zurich, London, Munich, Helsinki, and Cleveland (Ohio). His prior experience...

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