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SSH Download

This page lists multiple options for downloading an SSH client or server to your system.

SSH is a multi-purpose protocol for secure system administration and file transfers. It is included in every Linux and Unix system.

Windows SSH client alternatives

The following clients are widely used:

Mac SSH client alternatives

Free SSH servers

Most Linux systems come with open source OpenSSH preinstalled.

Enterprise client - Tectia SSH Client

Tectia SSH client is used by many enterprises for system administration and for running legacy text-based applications. It is the leading commercially supported SSH Windows Client on the market.

We provide our Tectia SSH customers technical support services on three different service levels. For more information of available support services, see our support pages.

Enterprise server - Tectia SSH Server (Windows, Linux, Unix, zOS)

For business-critical applications, we recommend Tectia SSH. It is available for Windows, Unix, Linux, and IBM mainframes. It supports standards-compliant X.509 PKI, and smartcard authentication, including PIV and CAC cards and DoD PKI.

Tectia SSH shares no code base with the open source version, and it supports key management on all platforms. For premium customers we offer 24x7 support.

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