Universal SSH Key Manager®

UKM technical details

More about the key features and the technology behind UKM. From the inventors of the SSH protocol.

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Universal SSH Key Manager technical architecture 

UKM was designed to monitor, remediate and manage keys without disrupting processes. UKM does not require the installation of scripts or agents on target servers leaving a light footprint in your environment.



UKM Backend(s)

Runs the management engine, and also communicates with hosts inside the managed key environment. Management connections are encrypted with SSH.

UKM Frontend(s)

Provides the interface for administration and management. This includes the GUI, API, and CLI. Frontend interfaces are served by an NginX web server over a TLS-protected connection.

UKM User Portal

Allows application owners to request, review, and approve changes to the SSH Key environment under their management, such as requesting new SSH access, and revoking , restricting or restoring existing access.


UKM Database

Stores management data, such as:

  • User information
  • Trust-relationship information
  • System audit trails
  • Job logs, and so on...

Sensitive data e.g. passwords are always encrypted. Database connections can also be encrypted using TLS.


UKM Agent Application

A software component installed onto a host to manage SSH keys. Agents are not required in UKM, except  for the management of Windows hosts


UKM Agentless Connections

UKM can manage SSH Keys on target servers without the need to install any additional software.


The most comprehensive SSH key management solution available

  • Made by the inventors of SSH and SSH Keys
  • Support for all major SSH protocol versions
  • OpenSSH key discovery, including Centrify, Sun, IBM, Quest etc.
  • SSH.1 and SSH-2 (inc. v1.99) key discovery
  • Key configuration, change settings and update management
  • Key relationships mapping
  • Key activity data collection, monitoring and key activity auto-detection
  • Automatic key directory discovery
  • Support for interactive and non-interactive (M2M) use cases
  • Self-service SSH key management (User Portal)
  • SSH Key auditing and compliance tools
  • Automated compliance reporting
  • Support for estates with millions of keys
  • Non-disruptive to SSH operations when making changes
  • API for integrations
SSH Risk Assessment®

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SSH Risk Assessment