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We designed UKM with the biggest companies in the world. We invented SSH and we have the world's best SSH expertise.

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How do major corporations solve SSH key management compliance problems?

IT management at a big box retailer found admins were bypassing PAM with ad hoc SSH key generation

SSH Risk Assessment discoveries

  • Unprotected master private keys on all servers

  • Unauthorized connections from non-prod to prod

  • Small user group with massive untracked key inventory

  • Non-policy compliant, IT audit failure point

The UKM solution

  • 1m keys taken under management

  • 0.5m unauthorized keys over 5 years old immediately remediated

  • Automation and regular reports on entire key inventory

  • PAM bypass mitigated, policy compliant

ICON PAM bypass

“One of the first things SSH.COM did was to demonstrate the scope of the problem. Their SSH key discovery tool showed us that the problem was even more widespread and serious than our auditors were saying. SSH’s technical deployment team found we had over 1.5 million SSH user keys distributed across our entire infrastructure, including over 150,000 user keys granting root access, with no records as to who was in possession of the corresponding private keys.”

Global bank project manager

UKM customer case studies

Companies ranging from banking, infrastructure, healthcare to retail and more trust UKM to manage their SSH keys and comply with regulations. Check out the case studies below...

UKM Case Study

Finance compliance audit success

A security audit at one of the world’s largest banks alerted management to compliance issues stemming from lack of governance over the SSH keys used to access critical business systems.

Learn how SSH.COM helped the bank lock down their environment, identify trust relationships, and ultimately regain control of their keys, all without causing downtime.

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UKM Case Study

Prevent PAM bypass and regain control

A famous bank's internal security audit showed their development team had found a way to self-provision SSH access across production systems, by-passing access control systems in place.

The professional services team at SSH.COM demonstrated the scale of the problem with an SSH Risk Assessment and deployed UKM to help the bank regain control over access management and resume audit-readiness.

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UKM Case Study

Real-time SSH key provisioning

This household name provides big data analyses for their customers, necessitating tightly controlled access to data hosted in the cloud. The big data analysis firm needed to work access control into their daily workflows

With Universal SSH Key Manager fully integrated with their AWS-hosted service, the firm was able to meet their customers' secure access demands.

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UKM Case Study

Big oil and Sarbanes-Oxley

A multinational energy company that deals in large oil and gas projects needed to comply with SOX and also sought to improve their security posture.

SSH.COM helped the company discover SSH keys and trust relationships; monitor, remediate, and control their complex environment; and meet SOX requirements in a proactive and streamlined way.

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“You guys are SSH Communications Security - the inventors of the protocol. Why would I look for anyone else for SSH key management?"

Security architect in a big data company

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