SSH.COM IP, patents and licensing program

SSH.COM (SSH Communications Security) has a strong patent portfolio that has been developed since 1997. The company has over 80 significant patents and dozens of applications pending.

A patent is a right to prevent others from using your technology. Companies use patents to prevent competitors from copying their ideas, to negotiate more favorable partnerships, and to protect their freedom of action. A traditional use of patents is licensing, that is, selling a licensee permission to use some or all patents held by the licensor.

We actively license our NAT Traveral and IPSec patent portfolio to commercial players in the smartphone, tablet, laptop, voice-over-IP and gaming industries. For further information about licensing SSH.COM patents, please contact VP Intellectual Property, Erkki Yli-Juuti via email at erkki.yli-juuti (a)

The SSH.COM patent portfolio

NAT Traversal

NAT Traversal is a necessary technology for communications over the modern Internet.

SSH was a major contributor to the development of NAT Traversal technology. IETF and 3GPP later adopted the technology into numerous standards, and it ships with smartphones, tablets, laptops, voice-over-IP systems, networked games, communications infrastructure, and even smart TVs.

IP Security

SSH.COM was a key contributor in the development of the IPSec (IP Security) protocol, and patents used in IPSec solutions. IPSec is a central part of VPN and firewall solutions connecting home users to offices, the increasingly popular IPv6 Internet protocol and cellular systems, making the SSH patent portfolio valuable in related industries. IPSec is also used in DSL modems, mobile phones, and telecommunications infrastructure.

Firewall IP

The company has several patents pending in relation to the implementation of high-performance firewalls. Firewall technology is rapidly changing due to new hardware and software architectures that enable faster, more flexible, and more secure processing and modern web-based user interfaces.

SSH key management

The company has an extensive and unrivalled portfolio of issued and pending patents related to SSH key management. Many of the applications have a 2011-2012 priority date. They cover almost all aspects of SSH key management and underpin our class-leading software. Several more continuation applications are still being filed based on the same priority. These patents are currently not available for licensing.

Cloud security and DevOps

The company has a number of pending patent applications that it expects to become fundamental in the areas of cloud secrets management, cloud access management, cloud access security brokers (CASB), and the management of SSH keys and other credentials in the cloud. Many of these applications have a 2011 priority date. These patents are currently not available for licensing.

SSH monitoring and policy control

The company has several pending and issued patents related to the development of Cryptoauditor, particularly monitoring, recording, display and policy enforcement of SSH sessions, including through firewalls. Many of these applications have a 2012 priority date. More continuation applications are still being filed based on the same priority. These patents are currently not available for licensing.