SSH Strategy 2022

Our focus is on growth during 2021 and 2022 both organically and inorganically.

Monetizing our core assets

The aim of SSH’s strategy 2022 is to deliver strong growth based on our core assets by monetizing them more efficiently.

Towards recurring revenue

We are also accelerating our transition from license and support services sales to a recurring revenue business model, which we expect will provide more stable revenue in the long term.


Revitalize and nurture our core products Tectia and UKM by investing in sales, support, and R&D.


Continue strong PrivX growth by investing in direct sales and partnerships supported by stronger professional services


Initiate commercial deployments for NQX, grow in Nordic governmental sector, strengthen post-quantum leadership

Executable actions behind the strategy

From strategy to executable actions

We have broken down the strategy into executable actions and programs that we are now driving forward and monitoring carefully.

SSH Capital Markets Day Presentation
2020 Capital markets day

View the 2020 CMD presentation

We presented the outline of our Strategy 2022 in our Capital Markers Day 2020.

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