Customer Support Services

When it comes to providing top of the line Technical Support and services SSH Communications Security has the distinct advantage of being the original inventor and developer of the SSH protocol. This gives us more knowledge of the SSH protocol and the products built around it than any other company in the world.

The knowledge and understanding of SSH cascades down throughout the organization from the CEO and inventor Tatu Ylonen, veteran developers that have developed security products for 20+ years, and the engineers of our Technical Support team that have worked in technical operations and engineering, and as security experts at some of the largest enterprises in the world.

This knowledge and enterprise based experience at SSH allows us to not only provide our customers with the best SSH Communications Security products and knowledge, but also the best security practices to implement as part of an overall SSH Trusted Access solution for any company.

Our support and services packages deliver convenient and cost efficient ways to maximize your investment in your Secure Shell deployments. Our global technical services teams are experienced with Tectia SSH, OpenSSH and other Secure Shell solutions operating on Unix, Linux, Windows and Mainframe environments. We also have expert teams to support you in Universal SSH Key Manager and CryptoAuditor deployments.

Support Levels

SSH Communications Security offers 3 levels of Support Service to guarantee quick set up and smooth, zero-disruption operation of the SSH based Trusted Access regardless of the size of the customer organization.


  • 8x5 online web support during business hours
  • < 2 business day response time goal for critical issues
  • < 5 business day response time goal for non-critical issues
  • 2 customer support contacts per organization

Premium 8x5

Everything included in Standard as well as:

  • 8x5 phone support during business hours
  • < 4 business hour response time goal for critical issues
  • < 2 business day response time goal for non-critical issues
  • 6 customer support contacts per organization

Premium 24x7

Everything included in Standard and Premium 8x5 as well as:

  • 24x7 phone support anytime, anywhere
  • < 2 business hour response time goal for critical issues
  • < 24-hour response time goal for non-critical issues

All offered support levels have defined services level agreements (SLAs) and include software maintenance. High-quality, responsive support is a key competitive advantage of Tectia SSH, and one of the reasons why 40% of Fortune 500 use Tectia SSH servers and clients for their business-critical applications.

Submitting Support Tickets

To submit a support ticket, customer's named contacts can submit a support ticket or obtain support call numbers at our Support Site.

End of Support Dates

We generally provide support for new releases for two years. For long-term releases we generally provide three years of support. We may agree to provide extended support on a case-by-case basis for an extra fee. See the end of support page for the end of support dates for each product and version.

Software Maintenance and Upgrades

Software Maintenance gives you access to the latest software fixes, minor updates or major version upgrades. You can download the newest SSH Communications Security product releases from the Customer Download Center, 24x7. Immediate access to the newest releases ensures that you can keep your SSH Communications Security environment secure and functional at all times. New versions can be downloaded from our Software Download Site.

SSH Key Management Services

We also offer professional services to assess your SSH-related risks and bring legacy SSH keys under control. We also help customers transition their environments into cloud environments and help them handle SSH keys in the cloud. We help enable controlled developer access into production as organizations adopt DevOps. For more information, see our broader services offerings.