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Customer Support Services

Best subject matter expertise

When it comes to providing expert technical support and services SSH.COM has the distinct advantage of being the original inventor and developer of the SSH protocol. This gives us more knowledge of the SSH protocol and the products built around it than any other company in the world.

Our understanding of SSH cascades down throughout the organization from our founder and SSH inventor Tatu Ylonen; through veteran developers that have developed security products for 20 plus years; to the engineers in our Technical Support team that have worked in technical operations, engineering and as security experts at some of the largest enterprises in the world.

Our support and services packages make it convenient and cost effective for you to maximize your investment in your SSH and access management deployments. Our global technical services teams are experienced with Tectia SSH, OpenSSH and other Secure Shell solutions operating on Unix, Linux, Windows and Mainframe environments. We also have expert teams to support you in Universal SSH Key Manager, CryptoAuditor, and PrivX deployments.

Support levels

We offer three levels of support service to guarantee quick set up and smooth, zero-disruption operation regardless of the size of the customer organization.


  • 8x5 online web support during business hours
  • < 2 business day response time goal for critical issues
  • < 5 business day response time goal for non-critical issues
  • 2 customer support contacts per organization

Premium 8x5

Everything in Standard, plus:

  • 8x5 phone support during business hours
  • < 4 business hour response time goal for critical issues
  • < 2 business day response time goal for non-critical issues
  • 6 customer support contacts per organization

Premium 24x7

Everything in Standard and Premium 8x5, plus:

  • 24x7 phone support anytime, anywhere
  • < 2 business hour response time goal for critical issues
  • < 24-hour response time goal for non-critical issues

All our support levels have defined services level agreements (SLAs) and include software maintenance. We pride ourselves on our reputation for high-quality, responsive support. It is also a key competitive advantage of Tectia SSH, and one of the reasons why 40% of Fortune 500 use Tectia SSH servers and clients for their business-critical applications.

Software maintenance and upgrades

Our latest releases, minor updates and major version upgrades are available for download from the Customer Download Center, 24x7. Immediate access to the newest releases ensures that you can keep your SSH environment secure and functional at all times.

Support for free SSH.COM software

Support services for free versions of SSH.COM software (e.g. PrivX Free) include access to a download center, FAQ and knowledge base articles, online manuals and community-based online support (via a Slack channel). While community online support is based on the community’s ability to support each other, SSH.COM personnel will monitor the channel and answer questions periodically.

You can join the PrivX community Slack channel here: PrivX community.

PrivX Free users looking for enhanced support can upgrade their plan to include SSH.COM Standard or Premium support options in the online shop.

SSH key management services

We also offer professional services to assess your SSH-related risks and bring legacy SSH keys under control. We also help customers transition to the cloud and handle access management in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. For more information, see our professional services offerings.

Frequently asked questions

Submitting support tickets

A customer's named support contacts can submit a support ticket or obtain support phone numbers via our Support site.

End of support dates

We generally provide support for new releases for two years. For long-term releases we generally provide three years of support. We may agree to provide extended support on a case-by-case basis for an extra fee. See the end of support page for the end of support dates for each product and version.

Product documentation

Product documentation is available online for most products. See the product documentation pages and PrivX online manuals.

Customer Download Center

Customers with a valid maintenance contract can download new versions of our products from the Customer Download Center. If you have a valid maintenance contract and are a named support contact person for your organization but do not know your credentials, please contact us via our contact us form.

Tectia SSH knowledge base

The Tectia SSH knowledge base contains a large collection of questions and answers regarding Tectia SSH implementation.

Support site for maintenance customers

Customers with an active maintenance agreement can submit support tickets and review the status of their cases on the Support site. If you have a valid support contract and are the proper contact person for your organization but do not know your credentials, please contact us via our contact us form.

Standard terms and conditions

Our standard terms & conditions for products and services, as well as End User License Agreements (EULAs) can be found here.

Our privacy policy and other legal terms relating to this website can be found here.

Submitting security vulnerabilities

We welcome anyone to submit information about vulnerabilities in our products or systems via our form. No support contract is required to submit security vulnerabilities. We very much appreciate anyone informing us about vulnerabilities in our products or systems. We will seek to reward people who notify us of relevant issues.

It is our policy to be grateful and reward people who find and report security problems with our products, provided they don't abuse the vulnerabilities, report them in reasonable time, and otherwise behave ethically and professionally in their dealings in relation to us and our products. We would very much appreciate having reasonable time (up to 90 days) to fix any such vulnerabilities before they become public, but we will not prevent you from publishing legally found vulnerabilities.

If you have any questions about our support services, please contact us.




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