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SSH Cryptonaut

With SSH Cryptonaut (Beta) we want to make life easier and more secure for Windows users. Our up-to-date, modern SSH client is designed to be intuitive to use and feel "natively Windows". SSH Cryptonaut is available free of charge - for any use. Support services will be available for a fee once the product is generally available.
  • Integrated terminal and file transfer capabilities — easy to use across all use cases.
  • Modern UI for a familiar browser-like experience, with support for tabs.
  • Ease of use without a need for upfront configuration — just connect and modify to your liking.
  • Recall and pre-filling of previously used connection parameters.
  • Support for public key authentication and keyboard interactive (PAM) authentication.
  • Support for SSH key management.
  • Fully internationalized terminal and file transfer. Localizations available for selected regions.
Supported platform versions: Windows 7, 8.1 & 10




Support Services for Companies

If you wish to have telephone, email, or 24x7 support, see Tectia SSH. We strongly recommend support services for larger companies using SSH for business applications, to ensure continuity when people leave and in emergencies. Our support service also includes notifications of any vulnerabilities that may be found.

For business-critical applications, we recommend premium level (8x5 or 24x7) support plans.

Tectia SSH Server for Windows

We also offer a highly featured, affordable SSH server for Windows. Half of the world's top 10 banks and 40% of the Fortune 500 use our Tectia SSH Server for Windows extensively.

There are also other SSH servers available but no other server is currently supported by known SSH key management solutions for Windows.

Get SSH server for Windows