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secure e-forms for data entry

Why do customers choose Deltagon Secure Forms?

Deltagon Secure Forms ensures data can be collected from partners and customers with the highest level of security. This is why customers all over the world have selected it.


Customer Cases


Case municipality: Collecting necessary information with safe and easy to use forms

A municipality received a variety of information such as registrations, appointments, initiation of matter and feedback via e-services.

Processing data had become a problem

It is very common that cities and municipalities have different options for  submitting information online. In reality, this so-called electronic service does not allow even a simple submission of application online, but in practice the forms can only be printed out from the website, and then they must be filled out and submitted traditionally as a hard copy.

Processing data, collected with the above-mentioned forms, had formed a problem in the municipality, as it requires a lot of manual work. For persons interacting with the municipality it took time to fill out the form, print it and then send it. For the municipality time and resources were spent in scanning and manually inputting data to systems etc. If e-forms functioned as they should, the municipality could relocate human resources to more important tasks, such as specialist tasks and development tasks instead of handling forms.

The municipality wanted one straightforward way to gather the necessary information electronically. In the municipal sector the person in question must be identified, and therefore its e-services must also include identifying the customer online. The municipality wanted to abandon the printable electronic forms and start using truly electronic services so that information can be delivered online directly and securely to the municipality’s system.

Easy e-services with electronic forms

The solution was found in an easy to use form for e-services. Now the residents of the municipality can use services electronically, at a convenient time for them and with no postage or printing costs or related inconvenience. The electronic form was dynamic in the sense that, depending on the answers, only the relevant questions could be seen.

The identity of the person filling out the form was confirmed by that person using their bank authentication credentials prior to sending the form. Thus, the municipality received all needed information conveniently through a single channel and the residents can now easily use e-services anytime, anywhere. Electronic forms automate the processes that previously took several steps and the municipality can focus their resources better.

Information is sent securely

As various electronic forms are filled with confidential information, such as social security numbers, information on health, information subject to NDA’s (Non Disclosure Agreement) or other sensitive data, they must be protected in an appropriate manner. Deltagon’s secure electronic forms keep the information protected.

Other cases in which the product can be utilized

There are also many other cases where our clients have taken advantage of the electronic form solution. Confidential information gathered from customers, partners and personnel may include:

  • Tenders and orders for sales
  • Contacts, feedback and complaints for customer service
  • Service requests for technical support
  • Appointments and filling in preliminary data
  • Registrations for events, courses, day care center/school
  • Damage and permit applications
  • Job applications for HR

Case industrial company: Collecting data from visitors in advance

An industry sector company is subject to high safety standards, which is why, among other things, access to the premises is very strictly controlled. As a result, the team leader of a group visiting the company must submit in advance a list of names which includes personal data, such as social security numbers, for inspection purposes. Before permission for a visit is granted, the background and information of every visitor is carefully examined.

Visitor information for background checks conveniently in advance

Collecting information had proven to be difficult because the data could not be delivered by email, for example, due to their sensitive nature. In practice, this meant that the flow of information took a lot of time and last minute changes were not necessarily known to the company.

Electronic data-gathering for easy and secure information management

An industrial company solved the problem with an electronic form platform, Deltagon Secure Forms. The group leader can now send the name list safely using the industrial company’s browser-based contact channel. Also, any changes to the participant list can be delivered through the same path.

Collecting visitor information and managing it was thus made easy, secure and more flexible.


Case trading company: Collecting confidential data in recruitment

Applicants personal information must be kept secure when recruiting

A trading company recruits dozens of employees each year. Especially during the summer season the company has a need for extra labor, and a rapid recruitment process is necessary due to a large turnover of employees.

Applications are full of confidential information

Recruitment involves receiving a lot of confidential data, such as health declarations. The application form was available to the applicants in the company’s website, but the company had no secure channel for the submission of job applications. Therefore, the confidential data of the applicants was delivered to the company by email or traditional letter mail. Both situations have their challenges. With email messages, information travels like on a postcard, without data protection. With traditional mail, the information is more secure in an envelope but it travels slowly.

More flexible and secure recruiting for all parties

The company started using an e-form platform called Deltagon Secure Forms. With it, receiving applications was both secure and fast: applicants confidential information and attachments can now be received without compromising data protection and the applications are received in real-time. Also, the recruiter’s job became easier because the data in applications is now filled in with the same format and comparison of applications is easier and faster than before.

Thus, a secure solution was found to help recruiting that makes the job easy for the recruiter and also for the applicant.