secure data entry

Collect confidential information from your customers or partners 

Build, manage and customize e-forms fast and securely while protecting the data from misuse.

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secure data entry

Collect inbound data and stay compliant with privacy laws and regulations

secure e-forms

Build e-forms with a web based editor and manage access to different forms with ease

easy to expand

Integrate with our full portfolio of secure email, workspace and e-signing solutions


Your partners and customers can trust the information stays confidential


Security doesn't need to be complicated.


Synergies with our other security solutions.

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The trusted way to collect data from your partners

Deltagon Secure Forms offers your partners a secure way to submit business-sensitive and confidential information to you. The solution uses best-of-breed encryption to protect the data, does not expose it to publicly available services and sends the data to you in a format convenient to you.  Here's how it works:

  1. Building and configuring a secure e-form can be a long and expensive project in some cases, especially if it is needed only for a short period of time. With our solution, such e-forms can be published from a secure server in hours or even minutes.
  2. Retain full ownership of your sensitive information without having to worry about how it’s handled in a cloud service. In fact, you do not have to even store any of the data in our e-form solution unless needed.
  3. Combine our e-form solution with collabRoom for a streamlined way to store the sensitive information that ensures granular access controls to the data.

Protect your e-forms entries


Create forms easily

Our form management tool allows you to build and self-publish electronic forms within minutes without worrying about compromising information security.


A wealth of configurations

You have full control over the level of detail.  Get started with simple forms in minutes. If you need more detailed e-services with dynamic elements, decision-making based on given answers or integrations to the backend, Deltagon Secure Forms has got you covered. 


Authenticate and restrict access

For added security, you can ask your partners to authenticate via various identity solutions with support for Signicat Open ID Connect (OIDC) API. Restrict access for example by role or IP.


Integrate with other solutions

Deltagon Secure Forms interoperates fully with our solution portfolio. Deliver e-form data securely in email with sec@GW or in a workspace with Deltagon Workspace with in-built tools. Sign confidential documents with Deltagon Secure Signature. 


Who benefits most from highly-secure e-forms

Networked organizations with partner, contractor and customers ecosystems typically share and collect confidential information. Their policies do not often allow the use of any e-form tools found on the internet.

Typically, our customers use secure e-forms to collect the following type of information:

Financial information, Health information, Defence, Recruitment, HR, Business development, Product development, Source code storage and distribution, Customer information, Marketing plans, Pricing information, Confidential project files, M&A processes.

Main features

Ease of use

  • Secure browser based form management, where forms can be easily created and published with a single click – no coding required.
  • A wide variety of language options with character support
  • Approved to fulfil WCAG 2.1 AA standards for accessibility

Authentication and Security

  • Tested and audited by trusted 3rd parties
  • Restricting of access to management  tools and e-forms by IP-address
  • Option to not store the answer data in the system at all
  • Interoperability with our secure email allows for delivering data safely
  • Interoperability with our collabRoom solution allows for storing answer data in a secure AES 256 encrypted vault
  • Authentication of users via Signicat Open ID Connect (OIDC) API when sending forms

Customer cases

Why do demanding customers choose Deltagon Secure Forms? Learn more below.

Deltagon Secure Forms case studies