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secure e-forms for encrypted data intake

Collect sensitive
& confidential information securely 

Secure Forms is a secure data collection tool that allows you to build, customize, and manage e-forms fast and securely. Collected data is protected from any misuse with robust encryption.

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The most secure way to collect sensitive information


Create secure e-forms easily

Build and manage e-forms with a user-friendly web-based editor. Publish forms within minutes without worrying about compromising information security.


Customize your e-forms

Control the level of detail in your forms with a variety of configuration options. Create detailed e-forms with dynamic elements, decision-making based on given answers, or integrations to the backend. 


Stay compliant with data privacy laws

Collect confidential data without worrying about data privacy laws and regulations. Your customers, clients, or partners can trust your company to keep their data safe.


Authenticate & manage access

For added security, you can require authentication via various identity solutions with support for Signicat Open ID Connect (OIDC) API. You can also restrict access, for example, by role or IP.


Control your sensitive data

A variety of deployment options allows you to store your data on-premises or in the cloud. You decide how your data in stored and delivered to you.


A complete security pipeline

Secure Forms interoperates fully with Secure Collaboration for secure business communications. You can easily send your e-form data via secure encrypted email or deliver it to digital storage in our Secure Rooms.


How to collect confidential information?


The collected data is protected with robust encryption and can be exported in a variety of formats. The Secure Forms solution also ensures that the data isn't exposed to publicly available services.

Here's how it works:

  1. Building, configuring, and publishing a secure e-form from a secure server can be done within hours or, in some cases, even minutes.
  2. You control your data - without having to worry about how it’s handled in a cloud service. You don't even have to store any of the data in Secure Forms unless needed.
  3. You can combine Secure Forms with our Secure Rooms solution to store sensitive information securely. Secure Rooms ensure granular access controls to the data.


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Protect and encrypt your critical
business communications & data

Access, verify, sign, receive, store, and share sensitive data securely with Secure Collaboration.

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Who benefits from highly-secure e-forms?

Organizations with a wide network of partners, contractors, and customers typically collect and share a variety of confidential business information. Their policies often don't allow them to use freely available e-form tools.

Our customers use secure e-forms to collect the following type of information:

  • Financial information
  • Health information
  • Recruitment & HR information
  • Business & product development secrets
  • Source code storage and distribution
  • Customer information
  • Marketing plans
  • Pricing information
  • Confidential project files
  • M&A processes

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