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Supported Operating Systems

Tectia client/server solution products can be installed on Linux, Unix, and Windows platforms and they can run on any standard hardware capable of running the supported operating systems.

On Linux, Unix, and IBM System z platforms, Tectia Server includes also the client-side tools.


Keep the operating system always fully patched, according to recommendations by the operating system vendor. The minimum patch levels required by Tectia products are mentioned in the Tectia product-specific installation instructions in the User Manuals and Administrator Manuals.

Tectia Client/Server support the mainframe operating systems listed in Table 6.1. For a complete list of supported operating systems per Tectia product, see Tectia Client/Server Product Description.

Table 6.1. Mainframe operating systems supported by Tectia Server and its client components

Operating systemVersions
IBM z/OS (zSeries)2.1, 2.2
SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server for IBM System z (64-bit)11, 12

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