SSH Tectia ConnectSecure

SSH Tectia ConnectSecure secures server-to-server connections, but it also acts as a Secure Shell client, providing enterprise-class file transfer features in addition to the basic client features. SSH Tectia ConnectSecure has been designed to enable secure and reliable high-performance file transfers and tunneling services in heterogeneous enterprise environments. SSH Tectia ConnectSecure provides also command-line tools for securing non-interactive and automated file transfers, and the client-side of APIs for integrating the SSH Tectia products to applications.

SSH Tectia ConnectSecure can connect to any standard Secure Shell server. When SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS is used as the counterpart, also the enhanced file transfer features are available.

SSH Tectia ConnectSecure provides SFTP tools, FTP-SFTP conversion, and transparent FTP tunneling. Transparency means that the end-user experience will not change and the existing file transfer applications require no modifications, while all configuration is done on the Connection Broker. For information on the Connection Broker, see Connection Broker.

In addition, most TCP-based in-house and commercial applications can be secured by tunneling them transparently on specified Windows platforms. On SSH Tectia ConnectSecure, transparent TCP tunneling is always available, and on SSH Tectia Client it is an optional feature on Windows. See the supported operating systems in SSH Tectia Features per Product.

SSH Tectia ConnectSecure encrypts the TCP/IP connections between two computers. The encryption of the connection is done on the application layer, which means that the security provided by SSH Tectia ConnectSecure is available regardless of the network connection speed or type. It is an ideal solution for providing transparent protection for business application traffic between corporate users' workstations and servers.

SSH Tectia ConnectSecure can be placed under centralized management provided by SSH Tectia Manager.