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Running the Product Installation Jobs

Once the product installation jobs have been generated as instructed in Generating Product Installation Jobs, the installing user must run them.

As the installing user, do the following:

  1. EXEC the Tectia SSH Assistant application:

  2. In Tectia SSH Assistant, go to 0 SETM → 3 SETL and define the installation log data set from which to extract the installation settings:

    Logfile   ===> '<prefix>.SSZ.INSTALL.LOG'
  3. In 0.1 SETI and 0.2 SETO, check that the installation input and output settings are correct.

  4. The Perform the step-by-step installation (2 INST) submenu provides a member list (2.1 JOBS) of generated jobs in the order they should be run. Submit and check the installation jobs one by one in the order they are listed in. You should see a list of jobs that correspond to the actions in Generating Product Installation Jobs. Each job run updates the installation log with its results. After successful completion, the SSH server and clients are installed, with all necessary permissions set up.

  5. Log off and on.

  6. EXEC the Tectia SSH Assistant application.

    To start the SSH server, go to 4 TASK → 1 TSRV and enter 1 TSRVS.

    To check the version of the running server, enter 5 TSRVQV.

It remains just to create configuration files, which can be done via the Configuration Management (3 CONF) submenu. Currently, default configurations for the SSH server, the Certificate Validator and the SOCKS Proxy are provided in a plain edit panel.


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