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Virtual Folders Defined on Windows Network Shared Folders Are Not Available on Tectia Server on Windows

Symptom: Users cannot see or access their virtual folders defined to point to Windows network shared folder on Tectia Server running on a Windows platform.

Folders on Windows network shares are accessible with password authentication on all supported Windows platforms.

With other authentication methods (such as public keys, GSSAPI, or certificates), access to Windows network shares can be enabled only in native domains with functional level of Windows Server 2003 (or newer) when the following requirements are met (or if these methods are used together with password authentication, see Accessing Resources on Windows Network from Logon Sessions Created by Tectia Server ):

  • The Kerberos extension S4U is applied

  • The delegation is set correctly on the Domain Controller

Follow these instructions to set up the delegation in the Active Directory:

  1. Log in to the Domain Controller.

  2. Open the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in

    OR open the corresponding tool in Start→Programs→Administrative Tools.

  3. Open the Computers tree and select the computer where the Tectia Server is located.

  4. Right-click and select Properties.

  5. Select the Delegation tab and make the following settings:

    1. Select Trust this computer for delegation to specified services only.

    2. Select Use any authentication protocol.

    3. Click the Add button.

    4. Click the Users or Computers button.

    5. Enter the name of the host where the network share is located and click Ok.

    6. Select cifs (common internet file system) from the available services.

  6. Click Ok to close the open windows.