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Chapter 10 Installing Tectia on the Managed Hosts

After the Management Agent has been installed and it has connected to the Management Server, managed software can be installed and upgraded using the Tectia Manager administration interface. (The Management Agent software running on the managed hosts can be upgraded in the same way.)

The Tectia installation packages can be imported to the Management Server for later deployment to the managed hosts. Tectia Client, ConnectSecure, and Server can be installed and removed remotely via Tectia Manager.

The Tectia installations are done by selecting a host group where the Tectia software version will be installed, and then starting the automatic software installation. The Management Server automatically selects the correct software package for each host in the selected host group, uploads the package through the management connection, and tells the Management Agents to install or to upgrade the software on the host.

Additional actions, such as restarting the sshd daemon, enrolling host certificates, or enabling the FIPS mode on Unix hosts, can be set to be executed by the Management Agent after the Tectia software installations.

The progress of the software installation jobs can be tracked in the Tectia Manager administration interface.




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