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SSH Tectia

Chapter 6 Choosing the Authentication Method

This chapter provides an overview of the different user authentication methods available with the SSH Tectia client/server solution, and the differences between them. It is intended for both newcomers to security software, who would like an idea of which authentication method to use, as well as experienced users looking for a quick reference, possibly in preparation for a change in their security policy. This chapter does not detail how to configure the given authentication method. Refer to SSH Tectia Server Administrator Manual, SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS Administrator Manual, SSH Tectia Client User Manual, and SSH Tectia Connector Administrator Manual for more information.

Table 6.1. User authentication methods supported by the SSH Tectia client/server solution

Authentication method Server (Unix)Server (Windows)Server (z/OS)Client (Unix)Client/Connector (Windows)Client (z/OS)
Password x x x x x x
Public-key x x x x x x
Certificate x x x x x x
Host-based x x x x x
Keyboard-interactive x x x x x x
PAM1 x x x x
RSA SecurID1 x x x x x
RADIUS1 x x x x x
GSSAPI/Kerberos x x x x

1 Through keyboard-interactive.

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