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April 15, 2024

Meet Patrik Forsbacka: An inspiring story about progression at SSH

Patrik Forsbacka joined SSH in 2023 as a sales manager and became VP Business Unit for Secure Collaboration in 2024. His journey with us, however, goes far beyond mere job titles. While many people discover their career paths later in life, Patrik knew from a young age that his skill set was perfectly suited to transform his passion into a fulfilling career.


With a background rooted in sales, Patrik offers invaluable insights into what it's like to work in sales at a cybersecurity company like SSH. He shares his motivations, daily experiences, and the aspects of his work that bring him the most joy.


Recently, Patrik's dedication and expertise have been recognized, leading to his promotion to VP BU for our Secure Collaboration product portfolio.

His new job title serves as a testament to the opportunities for career advancement and growth that SSH offers to its employees.

"I've been working in sales all my career," says Patrik. Throughout his career, Patrick has held various positions in sales, both nationally and internationally.

"I used to live in Sweden, study there. Then I moved to Norway for almost seven years, then came back to Finland, and all the positions I have been working with is in the sales in the national or international companies," he shares.

Patrick's journey led him to SSH, a Finnish company with a global reach. "It's demanding, but it's also rewarding. We work with a big international companies, and for me personally, it is interesting to work with different kinds of cultures and languages," highlights Patrik.

Discover Patrik's amazing career journey at SSH in the video below:


Interested in joining our global cybersecurity family at SSH? Check out our careers page >>> 


Alina Preda

Alina is SSH’s Junior Communications Specialist, wielding over 7 years of experience as a journalist and content writer across various domains. In 2023, she shifted her focus from media to cybersecurity, where she continues to bring stories to life, craft compelling narratives, and bridge connections.

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