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January 31, 2024

Meet Ivan Leontev: From Junior to QA Engineer at SSH

Meet Ivan Leontev and his incredible journey from a Junior to a seasoned QA Engineer here at SSH. Ivan started his adventure with us a couple of years back in October 2021, joining the dynamic PrivX team.

As time passed, so did Ivan's growth within the company, making his career story truly inspiring. 

Reflecting on the beginnings

“When did you join SSH?” I asked, curious about the beginning of Ivan's career at SSH. Realising how fast time flies when you enjoy your work, Ivan shared, “It was October 2021. It feels like it was maybe a month ago, but it’s almost a couple of years. It's insane how fast time flies.”

Digging deeper, I asked, “How do you feel looking back?” Ivan leaned back in his chair, his eyes reflecting on the journey: “Reflecting on my tenure...” he began, “It seems that change has been a constant. From PrivX 20 to the current PrivX 32, witnessing twelve releases has been a testament to our company’s commitment to innovation.”Ivan-Leontev-employer-branding-blog-post(2)

Ivan's journey began with a challenge – finding his first-ever IT job as an immigrant in Finland. “An open vacancy for a Quality Engineer at SSH, discovered through a friend from university caught my attention. I remember I was questioning myself if I should apply or not. I decided to apply in the end,” he said. 

Describing the hiring process, Ivan highlighted, “The catchy point is that the hiring process was very smooth. The first interview lasted approximately 15 minutes – a screening call from the manager.

He was asking me technology-related questions. I remember I was very honest, and I said that I don't yet have the experience, but I can learn. It made me feel confident that I can do the job.”

“Why did you choose to stay?” I asked. Ivan replied with a smile, “The answer is simple – I liked both the team and the products that we work on.”

“Cooperation is the value that resonates most with me.”

“How do you overcome challenges at work?” I asked, seeking his perspective. Ivan acknowledged,“Challenges are an integral part of our daily work. My approach involves thorough investigation, and when I encounter obstacles beyond my expertise, effective communication with my skilled colleagues is key. SSH encourages a collaborative environment.”Ivan-Leontev-employer-branding-blog-post

“What is a company value that resonates the most with you?” I asked. Without hesitation, he responded, “Cooperation is the value that resonates most with me. A working environment where you help and support each other.”

I concluded by asking Ivan to describe SSH in just three words. He put a big smile on his face before responding, “I can describe SSH in three letters… S, S, H. The second one is, of course, defensive cybersecurity. For me, it’s all about the people, challenges, and technology.”

Ivan’s career journey at SSH emphasizes our company's commitment to nurturing talent, embracing change, and fostering a culture of collaboration.

We are proud to say that SSH is not just a workplace – it’s a place where people can find opportunities, growth, and a sense of belonging. And where the values of security, innovation, and cooperation are highly appreciated.


Interested in joining our global cybersecurity family at SSH? Check out our careers page >>> 


Alina Preda

Alina is SSH’s Junior Communications Specialist, wielding over 7 years of experience as a journalist and content writer across various domains. In 2023, she shifted her focus from media to cybersecurity, where she continues to bring stories to life, craft compelling narratives, and bridge connections.

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