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December 5, 2023

Meet Pelin Tüfekçi: An inspiring story about determination and dedication at SSH

Meet Pelin Tüfekçi, our Product Manager for the Secure Collaboration product portfolio. Originally from Istanbul, she fell in love with Helsinki first, and shortly afterward she joined our SSH family. Here, Pelin found the complexity of cybersecurity both daunting and thrilling.

"I have been working as a Product Manager for almost 6 years. I have worked in different areas, such as mobile apps. I have been always aware of data security and how important it is. Then I decided to shift my focus to another area to get more experience.

So, I decided to be in cybersecurity and get some experience in this area. SSH is one of the top players in this sector, so I thought that I wanted to be at SSH to learn new things. That’s why I decided to join here," says Pelin.

With a focus on problem-solving alongside a team of smart and friendly colleagues, she cherishes the rewarding moments when the solutions from the Secure Collaboration product portfolio positively impact our customers.


"I think that when you find the solution and when you see that people are using your solution and are happy with it, this is the best moment for me as a Product Manager here at SSH," adds Pelin. 

Her advice for someone considering joining SSH in the future? Be ready for a dynamic environment where every day brings new challenges and opportunities to innovate

"If you want to join SSH, you should be ready for a dynamic environment because it’s not like we are coming to the office doing some basic stuff and then leaving.

Every day we have new challenges, every day we have some new real issues from the market dynamic. So, if you are a dynamic person and are aligned with the team dynamic, then you should come here. I think this is the first place," highlights Pelin. 

Discover her inspiring career journey story at SSH in the video below:


Interested in joining our global cybersecurity family at SSH? Check out our careers page >>> 


Alina Preda

Alina is SSH’s Junior Communications Specialist, wielding over 7 years of experience as a journalist and content writer across various domains. In 2023, she shifted her focus from media to cybersecurity, where she continues to bring stories to life, craft compelling narratives, and bridge connections.

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