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Secure high-impact targets, credentials, and data with our Zero Trust Suite >>>

SSH – The communications security company for humans, systems, and networks

organizations and enterprises in Europe, North America, and Asia trust us with their mission-critical cybersecurity.

Whether in Finance, Government, Production, Business Management, Logistics, or Healthcare, companies choose the best experts to protect their sensitive and critical data and to defend against business, compliance, and reputational risks.

What we doOur history


Keep your critical and sensitive data safe.
In use, in transit, and
at rest.


SSH provides defensive cybersecurity solutions and related services for critical and sensitive data in use, in transit, and at rest. We deliver security based on the Zero Trust principle: Never Trust – Always Verify.

We focus on high-impact users
that represent a tiny part of all users and a major part of the cyber risk exposure. We find and secure critical automated connections - and give them an identity.

When a ship in the ocean needs remote diagnostics, a credit card database is updated, an acquisition project must remain a secret, an electricity grid requires on-site adjustment, or your personal health or financial data is in transit - you can defend them against threats, hacks, and credential misuse.


Win in any environment with proven-in-use and future-proof solutions


Ever since blazing a trail for secure internet with the Open-Source Secure Shell (SSH) protocol, we’ve been a hard-core cryptographic competence center. As customers migrate from data centers to clouds, we support them with encryption technologies they need to protect their business.

Compromised credentials are the main cause of data breaches.
We give you the power to secure your secrets and remove credential risk with passwordless and keyless authentication.

Stop building static digital fortresses
surrounded by rigid firewalls. Optimize the flow of digital traffic in sessions, connections, and instant messages. Tighten security levels as required based on the criticality of the session or connection, granting just enough access, just at the right time with surgical precision.

Bad actors can record encrypted communications today to decrypt them when powerful quantum computers are available. Our Quantum-Safe products ensure that your secrets remain safe for years to come.

In an interconnected world with complex data flows, we help organizations to know ‘who does what, when, where, and on which device’. Stay in the vanguard of communications security with us. 


Zero Trust by SSH 
Defensive cybersecurity. 


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This is who we are

Global presence

Our multinational team of experts work across AMER, EMEA and APAC

Over 100 registered patents

History of innovation and drive in making our everyday lives more secure

5000+ customers

Growing base of customers, which includes 40% of Fortune500-listed companies

Future-proof solutions

Our products are engineered to withstand the test of novel future technologies



Our Mission

We secure communications between systems, automated applications, and people.

Our Vision

We strive to build future-proof and safe communications for businesses and organizations to grow safely in the digital world.

What is Defensive Cybersecurity?

  • A mindset where vulnerabilities and weaknesses are identified in advance in a comprehensive, systematic, and holistic manner.
  • A practice where you build protection that radically mitigates the risk of breaches, and you can determine most potential attacks or their nature in advance.
  • A call to action for your organization to anticipate, prepare for, and mitigate or eliminate potential attacks before they occur. 

With Defensive Cybersecurity,
you can answer these four questions:


What are my critical data, systems, applications and networks?


Where are they?


Who can access them?


Are they safe now
and in the future?

We defend our customers's
secure communications with:


Just-in-Time Zero Trust
Access Management (ZT)

Go passwordless and keyless in access
and secrets management.

Zero Trust by SSH


Secure Operational Technology (OT)

Protect the critical infrastructure against operational downtime and misuse.

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Encryption (QS)

Secure the future of your business against
the threat of quantum computing.

Quantum security

Security for your installed base
and for your future

We have been defending businesses and pioneering solutions across four waves of technological shifts in application to application and superuser communications.



Discovering, managing and securing encryption keys with no expiration date.


Rotating and vaulting passwords with a long expiration date (max. 825 days) 



JIT and JEA Zero Trust access with short-lived expiration date (5 mins.)


Quantum safe communications against the threat of quantum computing

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What we do

Our customers love our products!

Net Promoter Score (NPS) given by customers to our UKM Zero Trust is 71 and for PrivX 50! These results were given by some of the most demanding customers in the world.

The average enterprise software industry NPS score is 39. 

Ask your vendor what their NPS is.

You guys are SSH... Why would I look for anyone else for SSH key management?

Security architect in a big data company

PrivX makes life easier.

IT manager at a large industrial equipment company

SSH is trusted by more than 5000 leading companies worldwide


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More than 5000 customers worldwide

Our greatest strength is our loyal customer base – companies and government entities of all shapes and sizes across all continents. Our customers include:

  • Over 40% of Fortune 500 companies 
  • Leading federal and local government agencies in North and South America, Europe, and Asia
  • Leading banks and other financial institutions
  • Some of the largest retailers in the world
  • Major manufacturing and industrial companies
  • The creme-de-la-creme of the high tech world
  • And many many more...

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Can you monitor and detect PAM bypass and jump host bypass? Our SSH Risk Assessment service is the first step to taking back control.

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