The SSH200 Growth Vision

SSH.COM aims at more than €200M in annual revenue by the end of the 2020s.

We have built foundational cybersecurity products since the company was founded in 1995 and our solutions and protocols are cornerstones of the secure Internet. This heritage, including a large customer base, strong patent portfolio, and a clear vision of the future of cybersecurity, forms a solid foundation for this growth.

The growth will be fueled by building better, easier, and more cost-effective Intelligent Access Management solutions for our existing and new customers and serving these customers fanatically.

This vision describes our long-term growth ambitions and where we want to go and think we have the potential to reach. Achieving this goal requires systematic long-term work, and results will start showing gradually over time.

Our rationale for seeking growth is simple: we want to unlock and maximize the tremendous latent shareholder value of SSH.COM.


Foundations of the Vision

Underlying the SSH200 vision is how digital transformation, adoption of cloud services, the erosion of digital borders, and growing cybersecurity threats are driving the growth of the cybersecurity market and in particular how they drive major enterprises to integrate identity management, access management, cloud security, and underlying platform security to be more agile and resilient.

Our view is that these new challenges will require a more proactive security posture. Remote working, the explosion in the number of connected devices, changes in business models, and the use of multiple cloud services are eroding borders and pushing organizations towards a zero-trust architecture, where every access to every service is authenticated every time. Boundaries and reactive solutions are not sufficient. Solutions must be more agile, faster to deploy and integrate with other elements of enterprise information systems. Security must be implemented on every layer, from networks to platforms to applications.


Focus on Intelligent Access Control

Intelligent Access Control will be a key focus area in enterprise security in the coming years. This is the segment where SSH.COM focuses on and where it aims to grow. The research firm Market Research Future estimates the relevant market segment (Privileged Access Management) to grow to more than 5,000 million euros by 2023 (>30% compound annual growth rate) with the growth continuing rapidly even afterward. According to, e.g., Gartner and IDC, the share of cloud-related solutions in this market will grow quickly.

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Product-Driven Growth

SSH.COM’s growth products PrivX® and Universal SSH Key Manager® (UKM) are both essential parts of this vision.

UKM helps organizations manage their platform-level access credentials and machine identities using SSH keys. It solves a major cyber hygiene issue that only the largest financials and a few other leading-edge companies have so far addressed.

PrivX is a modern approach to privileged access management and cloud access control. It helps customers focus on solving the access problem quickly, without costly infrastructure or extended deployment projects. It was designed from the beginning for cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments and the zero-trust model.

We are well positioned to increase our market share in the identity and access management market, and especially in its fastest-growing cloud-related segment. We also benefit from the profitable base business around the SSH protocol and our unique position in the growing SSH key management area.

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