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SSH.COM is one of the
most trusted brands in cyber security.

We help major enterprises solve the security challenges of digital transformation



Growth demands digital transformation.

We release our customers from the security risks that hamper growth. We support them to innovate and scale to the cloud.



Friction kills efficiency, budget and security.

We believe security is a process not a patch. We design no-footprint, intelligent, automated solutions that give our customers control and compliance, not costs.



Complex externalized business processes need a zero-password future.

The world’s leading organizations trust our expertise. To secure dynamic digital environments we believe we have to get rid of passwords.

We design best-of-breed commercial solutions
for secure access that help our customers
win in the global data economy.

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Expertise, IP and long-term customer relationships

Customers include


of Fortune 500 companies


demanding customers worldwide

More than

years of engineering excellence

Portfolio of over

patents and active licensing program

Our values:

Is SSH.COM the right company for you?

We take the initiative and proactively address issues. We have the courage to speak out, to challenge each other, explore together, and get things done.

We learn and achieve together as a team. We overcome barriers to communication to innovate and share across team and company boundaries.

We are focused on helping our customers access, control and secure their digital core. We are attentive, thorough and take responsibility as individuals, teams and as a company.

In everything we do, we aim to be a preferred partner, to grow our shareholder value, and to make SSH.COM a great place to work.

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Lean, secure, on-demand access for, DevOps cloud and on-premise with zero passwords.

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Compliant 3rd party access with monitoring, control and forensics for encrypted connections.

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Universal SSH Key Manager®

SSH key environment analytics, remediation, compliance, control and automation.

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Tectia® SSH

Multi-platform enterprise-grade SSH server and client suite with 24/7 support.

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Our history:

We continue
to define the future of secure access.

We pioneered secure access in 1995 by introducing the original Secure Shell protocol. Over 20 years later we are still committed to innovation in secure access to protect our customers’ digital core.

SSH is one of the world’s most trusted and familiar security brands. We serve organizations that like us think good is not good enough.

As all organizations continue to digitally transform, secure access that supports business velocity is the new competitive advantage.

New digital environments with dynamic cloud architecture, lean and agile processes and connected devices make our patented technologies, industry-leading expertise and secure access solutions essential components of the data-driven era.

Our technology is used in over 90% of the world’s data centers, and our solutions are trusted by over 40% of Fortune 500 companies, including the world’s biggest banks and industrials.

Meet the secure access pioneer

Tatu Ylönen invented the SSH protocol and founded SSH.COM. He is also the mind behind other significant security technologies, such as NAT Traverse. He authored the NIST IR 7966 and the IETF standards on the SSH protocol.

After he designed the original SSH protocol in 1995, he published it as open source. Today, Tatu continues to contribute to the OpenSSH community, a vibrant hub of knowledge and talent.

Tatu founded SSH.COM to deliver best-of-breed commercial solutions for enterprises and organizations that have demanding needs for reliability, security and compliance.

Welcome to the new era of dynamic secure access

“The rapid growth of the data economy is creating the need for faster and wider access to key digital assets. Increasing cyber threats and tightening regulations are barriers to growth. These are the challenges and opportunities in our business of secure access management.

In 1995, we solved a key early internet security problem by creating the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol. With revolutionary solutions like SSH.COM PrivX we are now changing the game for the cloud and DevOps era.”

Kaisa Olkkonen, CEO, SSH Communications Security

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