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Intelligent Access Control solutions to secure modern enterprises

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Digital transformation and growing cybersecurity threats are driving enterprises to integrate identity management, access management, cloud security and underlying platform security.

We believe solutions must be agile, resilient, fast to deploy and integrate with enterprise information systems. Security must be implemented on every layer, from networks to platforms to applications.

We call this Intelligent Access Control.

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"We have built foundational cybersecurity products since 1995. Our technologies and software are cornerstones of the secure Internet. We are committed to building better, easier and more cost-effective solutions for our customers."

SSH.COM key facts

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    Founded in 1995 by Tatu Ylönen, inventor of the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol

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    Listed on the NASDAQ OMX, Helsinki

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    100 employees in Europe, North America and Asia

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    Over 3,000 demanding customers worldwide, including 40% of the Fortune 500

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    Large patent portfolio in secure access and Internet technologies

Intelligent Access Control solutions for modern enterprises

Lean, just-in-time multi-cloud PAM

PrivX lean access manager

Designed to eliminate standing privileges and streamline just-in-time secure access in hybrid multi-cloud environments, PrivX is PAM re-imagined.

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Best-in-class SSH key mgmt

Universal SSH Key Manager

UKM is the least intrusive and fastest-to-deploy comprehensive SSH key management solution on the market, used by several of the largest retailers and financial institutions in the world.

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The Gold Standard in SSH

Tectia SSH Client & Server

The leading enterprise-class SSH client/server for secure file transfer and remote access. Robust, fully tested and up to 24/7 support. Also available for mainframes.

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Certified and Quantum-Ready

NQX VPN Firewall

QuantumReady software for protecting classified data in transit according to Finnish national (FI) ST III (Confidential) security requirements.

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Services from Industry Experts

Expert services & support

Global team of experts with deep subject matter expertise and vast experience of enterprise and state/federal deployments.

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Zero Trust is just the beginning

ICON rocket

Zero-inertia business

We help our customers innovate and scale at the speed of the cloud.

We believe intelligent access is an enabler, not a millstone. We are a trailblazer in hybrid multi-cloud access and we help enterprises secure their estate during digital transformation.

ICON monitor

Zero-friction operations

We design low-footprint, easy-to-use, automated solutions.

The best security solutions are invisible to end-users, non-invasive in complex elastic environments and automate in the face of spiralling connection requests. We promise to continue to push the boundaries of speed and simplicity for secure access.

ICON shield

Zero-password security

Our software eliminates standing privileges and credentials to reduce the corporate risk surface.

The smart future of secure access has no passwords, no rotation, no vaulting, just just-in-time SSO. It's vital to defend against lateral movement in cyber attacks and eliminate the plague of rogue root access.

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