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Protect and encrypt your critical business communications & data 

Access, verify, sign, receive, store and share sensitive data securely over email or the web. Secure data sharing with Deltagon Suite.

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4 products in 1 suite

All you need to secure your business communications and data - in one package.

easy to use

Multiple monitoring & reporting options, configuration options, language options - all with ease-of-use in mind.

guaranteed compliance

Regular assessments of the Suite ensure your compliance with strict regulations, such as GDPR.

What is Deltagon Suite?

Deltagon Suite is a collection of applications that help organizations and employees access, verify, sign, receive, store and share sensitive data in a secure and compliant manner across organizational borders and when working with external stakeholders.


Manage & protect your sensitive
data when stored or shared


Increasing volumes of critical data demand better information protection. Not all business data is created equal. Some information is intended for a very restricted audience only and is critical for your business operations, e. g. legally binding contracts, HR information, financial data, medical records, or government secrets.

Deltagon Suite helps your organization maintain and protect sensitive data (like personally identifiable information, trade secrets, and confidential materials) when stored and shared.

For instance, you can:

  • collect sensitive documentation or data via a secure online form
  • set up an e-sign workflow and get your documents signed digitally
  • receive data to secure room for encrypted storage
  • share data securely when you choose to do so


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Why Deltagon Suite?


All the tools you need in a single package

Deltagon Suite includes all the tools you need to secure your business communications and data. You can easily collect information via forms, sign documents digitally, receive and share data via secure rooms, and send encrypted emails.


Your organization is safe and compliant

Regular audits and assessments ensure that Deltagon Suite is fully secure and in compliance with regulations. Your data is protected by robust encryption (AES-256 encryption) and managed in line with laws and regulations (GDPR, WCAG 2.1).


You are in control of your data

With Deltagon Suite, you control where your data is stored (in the cloud, on-premise). You control who can access the data and what they can do with it. Easy access granting for third-party vendors, no need for end-use accounts.


Easy monitoring & reporting

Easy access management supported by various authentication options (including MFA, PIN, SSO) and audit trails. Multiple reporting options for easy tracking (logs, statistics).


Multiple configuration options & interoperability

Deltagon Suite offers multiple and flexible configuration options (APIs or web interfaces). Your admins can easily create workflows to ensure smooth interoperability.


Easy user experience & customer support

With Deltagon Suite, there's no need for heavy-handed onboarding or extensive training sessions. That is just one of the reasons why the Suite is trusted by more than 1600 happy customers

Deltagon Suite includes:



Secure Mail

Easy-to-use, secure email encryption that works with all email providers (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and requires no end-user accounts.

That means consistent UX across email services, low management overhead, and low maintenance and total costs.

Comes in various on-premise and cloud solutions with strong end-to-end encryption and strong authentication.

Learn more about Secure Mail >>>


Secure Rooms

Secure workspace with a responsive browser interface that works with any device and allows file sharing without limits.​

Support for various authentication methods (MFA, SSO) allows secure two-way communication with third parties.

Strong encryption and simple admin tools ensure easy security controls.

Learn more about Secure Rooms >>>


Secure Forms

Data collection and form encryption made easy with a straightforward GUI and a wide variety of features for creating secure e-forms.

Developed to fulfill high-security needs with all data in transit protected with strong encryption.

Your confidential information stays under your control. You stay compliant with strict regulations, like GDPR or WCAG 2.1.

Learn more about Secure Forms >>>


Secure Signatures

Secure digital signature solution protected by robust encryption that requires no end-user accounts for signatories to manage.

Support for your secure e-signature processes with flexible configuration (APIs or web interfaces), various authentication options, and flexible branding options.

On-premise deployment ensures your data stays under your control.

Learn more about Secure Sign >>>

Learn how to secure business
communications and critical data

Guide to Secure e-comms

What our customers say about Deltagon Suite

We think that protecting critical information sharing with encryption needs to be easy. And our customers agree.

”Deltagon Secure Email is surprisingly easy to use. Just add ”.s” to the end of the recipient and the message is encrypted.” ​

- Head of HR, Financial institution​

For years, we have been using Deltagon's solution to protect email and e-communications. The solution meets our requirements for data security and data protection very well, and above all, the solution is easy to use for both the sender and the recipient. One of the key criteria has been that the solution does not require any separate program installations from the recipient.

Partner, lawyer

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Secure data access & data protection

Case Study: Secure Healthcare Data Intake & Access

One of our customers, a large European healthcare institution, wanted to improve customer experience, reduce costs, and accelerate the data intake process for their donor program. They implemented SSH Deltagon Suite to collect sensitive personal data from applicants over the internet, store the data, and share the data securely.

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confidential data management

Case Study: Digitalization & Automation of Business Data Management

A business funding institution was looking for a way to digitalize and automate their funding application process. They required bulletproof data protection and secure management, as the data they handle is highly confidential.

They implemented SSH Deltagon Suite to collect sensitive data from applicants over the internet, store and access the data via digital storage protected with strong authentication and encryption, and share the data securely. They also used Deltagon Secure Mail to communicate with the applicants and Deltagon Secure Sign to implement e-signature processes.

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Fortifying Microsoft 365 Email Security with Deltagon Secure Mail

Microsoft 365's standard email encryption via Microsoft Purview isn’t a user-friendly, interoperable solution. Learn how to reliably and securely send sensitive data across platforms for secure email communications.

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Building a Business Case for MSPs

Why does it make sense for managed service providers (MSPs) to offer secure communications as a service? Find out in our white paper.

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